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Website and Booking and CarWash Management System

Project Description

MUCKOFF is a boutique service business based and operated in Australia. The company provides hand car wash and master detailing services with more than 25 years of automotive experience while protecting the Earth with their eco-friendly approach and car wash methods that are gentle on the environment.


Our design team was given two tasks; rebrand the client’s business logo and redesign their website. When our team was in the process of rebranding the logo, our client had their own visual thinking where the logo could represent how they care about the cleanliness and the appearance of cars. They believe that a car represents someone’s pride. For that reason, they wanted to show a form of love on a car in a logo. This was a challenge for our team to actualise the visual ideas from the client which was still in an abstract form. In addition to that, redesigning their website was quite challenging as their previously designed website was still disorganised because the website contained too much information.


After going through the process of brainstorming and sketching to actualise the client’s love for cars, our team successfully combined the heart (love) shape with the car shape in the MUCKOFF logo, as well as integrating them with the text. Our design team also made the web design as simple as possible without looking old-fashioned. This was done to make it easier for customers to read the information provided by MUCKOFF. The team also used modern font and bold colour as well as straight-to-the-point pictures that are conformable with the information provided there.