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Project Description

The Jazz Miles Club, part of the Jazz Hotel Group, is an exclusive reward program that caters to jazz enthusiasts and those who relish unique experiences at Bird’s Basement Jazz Club and the Jazz Corner Hotel. This program offers members exceptional benefits and exclusive rewards while allowing them to accumulate points for every dollar spent at either venue. Members earn one point for each dollar spent, which can be redeemed for enticing rewards like free jazz show tickets, hotel stay discounts, or exclusive merchandise. Points can be earned through various transactions, including hotel room bookings, jazz show ticket purchases, or orders for food and drinks at the club.


The Jazz Miles Club website faced a significant challenge in building a centralized point system database that could be seamlessly used across various brands under the Jazz Hotel Group (JHG). This required developing a robust and versatile database capable of tracking and managing member points and rewards across different venues and experiences. Additionally, implementing an instant signup process directly on multiple websites was a complex task. It demanded a streamlined and user-friendly approach to allow customers to sign up without leaving the originating website. The website also needed to facilitate the easy upgrade of membership levels for customers to access enhanced benefits.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was taken. A centralized point system database was created to efficiently manage member points and rewards, ensuring consistency and accuracy across JHG brands. The database's flexibility allowed it to adapt to various transaction types, including hotel bookings, jazz show ticket purchases, and food and drink orders. The instant signup process was implemented with a focus on user-friendliness, allowing customers to seamlessly register without navigating away from the originating website. Membership upgrades were simplified, enabling customers to easily access additional benefits. This approach successfully streamlined the Jazz Miles Club website, creating a user-friendly experience for members across different JHG brands, while offering a central point system database that enhanced the program's functionality and efficiency.