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Project Description

Mister Shelving and Sheds is an e-commerce website specializing in the distribution of Globel Garden Products, which are renowned for their globally recognized market leadership and aesthetically pleasing design combined with a robust internal frame structure. These products are known for their structural integrity, featuring a complete internal frame system constructed from RHS (Rectangular Hollow Steel) that enhances overall strength and conceals screws for a cleaner, safer product. Their range offers features such as pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, 5 Rib Wall Sheet Profile for extra strength, flat-packed items for convenient delivery, and a comprehensive internal frame system with anchor points, corner panels, and components made from high-quality steel. Mister Shelving and Sheds provides a one-stop-shop for these products, offering accessories and replacement parts as well.


Creating the Mister Shelving and Sheds e-commerce website involved several significant challenges. The primary challenge was to build a robust e-commerce engine using Magento 2, capable of handling product listings, customer orders, and payment processing effectively. Integrating with Stripe payments was another complex task, requiring meticulous setup and security measures. However, the most challenging aspect was integrating with a shipping service that demanded extensive customization to ensure efficient delivery options for customers. Additionally, connecting the website products with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads presented a complex process that required synchronization and optimization for a comprehensive end-to-end solution.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was adopted. Building a robust e-commerce engine using Magento 2 was executed with an emphasis on effective product management and seamless order processing. Stripe payment integration was carried out with strict security measures to safeguard customer data and transactions. The customization of the shipping service was carefully implemented to provide efficient and flexible delivery options for customers, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience. Connecting the website products with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads involved meticulous synchronization and optimization to enhance product visibility and marketing effectiveness. By combining e-commerce expertise, secure payment processing, customization, and optimized product synchronization, Mister Shelving and Sheds successfully created a user-friendly and efficient online shopping platform that catered to the needs of its customers and provided a complete end-to-end solution for its e-commerce operations.