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Rostrum Australia, an association of public speaking clubs established in 1930, stands as the longest-running public speaking organization globally, with its origins dating back to 1923 in Manchester, United Kingdom. As a not-for-profit entity unaffiliated with any political or religious group, Rostrum's core objective is to enhance members' speaking and meeting abilities through consistent participation in club meetings. Their network of members collaborates to help one another attain both professional and personal speaking objectives. Expert coaches provide valuable feedback and tips for skill enhancement, assisting individuals in discovering and refining their authentic voices.


The redevelopment of the Rostrum Australia website presented several key challenges. The initial challenge was transitioning the website from an older Joomla model to a WordPress development system, all while ensuring hybrid access to content during the initial stage of transition. This required careful planning and execution to minimize disruption to users while implementing the new system. The second challenge was to present the older content in a user-friendly manner, ensuring a seamless transition for visitors. Additionally, the website needed a modern and refreshed appearance to align with Rostrum's brand and enhance its online presence, requiring a careful balance between retaining tradition and embracing modernity.


To address these challenges, a phased approach was adopted. The transition from Joomla to WordPress was meticulously executed, providing hybrid access to content during the initial stages of the upgrade, minimizing disruption for users. This approach ensured a smooth and user-friendly transition. The website's design was revamped to provide a fresh and modern look while retaining the organization's heritage. It embraced a contemporary aesthetic to enhance Rostrum's online brand presence. The new design incorporated intuitive navigation and user-friendly features, making it easier for members and visitors to access valuable information and resources. This approach successfully modernized the Rostrum Australia website, ensuring a seamless transition from the old system and offering a more engaging and user-friendly experience for the organization's community and the broader public.