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Project Description

Women on Wheels/Wise on Wheels is an initiative in Australia that offers free workshops to empower drivers with essential vehicle maintenance skills. These workshops teach participants how to change a tire, inflate tires, jump-start a vehicle, enhance road safety, and comprehend automotive service terminology. These hands-on sessions provide practical knowledge and are entirely cost-free, helping individuals maximize their vehicle ownership experience.


Although commencing as a standard web upgrade from the old tired website, one of the key concerns is making sure that when new training events are running, that we have booking systems in place that allow for guest to easily sign up to one of the available time slots, and for the WOW team to be able to coordinate that easily.


Being able to customise existing plugins is one of our core strengths. This website required heavy custom work to ensure that the final delivered product meets all the requirements that WOW needed to ensure a smooth running backend.