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Website and Booking System

Project Description

Duesenberg is the go-to hair salon in Balwyn, offering cutting-edge hairdressing services for men and women. They provide a complete range of services, from basic cuts to styling, coloring, and treatments. With a reputation as one of Balwyn's most reputable salons, their skilled and friendly staff use top-notch products and equipment to ensure the best client experience. Duesenberg Salon is known for using high-quality, professional-grade hair products.


The Duesenberg Salon website faced the challenge of distinguishing itself as a stylish and unique online platform for their cutting-edge hairdressing services. To effectively stand out, it was essential to create a website that reflected their reputation as one of Balwyn's most reputable salons. Additionally, integrating the website with their online reservation system was a critical requirement. This integration had to be seamless and user-friendly, allowing clients to easily book their appointments online.


To overcome these challenges, the website was developed with a strong emphasis on style and uniqueness. The design and layout were carefully crafted to reflect the salon's reputation for cutting-edge hairdressing. Integration with the online reservation system was executed with a user-friendly approach, ensuring clients could easily access and use the booking feature. This streamlined the appointment scheduling process and enhanced the overall client experience. The resulting website effectively portrayed Duesenberg Salon's image as a stylish and reputable hair salon while facilitating online reservations, making it a valuable tool for the salon and its clients.