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Pinetec manufactures and supplies an extensive range of timber pallets and packaging products to meet all industry demands. We have the design, manufacturing and servicing infrastructure to appropriately service any variable that may be presented in respect to a specific material handling requirement.


For Pinetec, a significant challenge involved optimizing their pallet quotation process. Initially relying on a basic Excel spreadsheet, the company faced the complexity of catering to diverse industries with varying material handling needs. Generating accurate quotes for potential clients was becoming increasingly intricate. The challenge at hand was to devise a solution that would elevate this process into a sophisticated yet user-friendly online system, empowering the sales team to efficiently and accurately produce quotes. This transformation was vital for enhancing customer service and adapting to the evolving demands of various industries.


To tackle this challenge, a comprehensive solution was crafted, centered around the development of an advanced Pallet quotation system. This system transitioned the quotation process from a rudimentary Excel spreadsheet to a sophisticated online platform. The newly created system prioritized user-friendliness, enabling the sales team to effortlessly generate precise quotes for potential clients. Accommodating the diverse material handling requirements of various industries, the system empowered Pinetec to efficiently address the demands of their broad customer base. Over the years, this solution significantly improved the company's ability to deliver accurate and prompt quotes to potential clients, ultimately enhancing customer service and overall operational efficiency.