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Project Description

Melbourne SEO Pro (MSP) is a professional digital marketing agency based in Australia, providing SEO services, SEO consultation, content marketing, as well as social media marketing to boost every business marketing effort and increase brand awareness.


Making a concept that is both fun and corporate at the same time was challenging in the design part. The design team were given the information regarding the concept and content written in papers in a form of mind maps before making the real illustrations to elaborate that given information.


Our team always had discussions to collect ideas, plan strategies and see the website making from design, content as well as development perspective to determine whether the ideas gathered from the discussion could be achieved or not and what they could do about it. As a result, they successfully created a “fictional” character named Mason to represent the brand identity. Aside from that, the team made a fun but corporate design at the same time which shows the business’ friendly approach to serious business matters.