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Project Description

naïma Hotel, situated in the bustling St Kilda Road district of Melbourne, is striving to revamp its online presence. As a member of the Jazz Series Hotel Group and sibling to the renowned Jazz Corner Hotel in the central CBD, naïma aspires to strengthen its brand and attract more guests. The Brand Hotel Group wanted to launch a brand-new website that would showcase all the facilities and provide an easy-to-use reservation system. The naïma objective was to create a seamless and relaxed experience from online to the actual time spent in the hotel, just like listening to the jazz tune of the famous song from John Coltrane.


Naïma Hotel’s challenge in creating a new website lies in effectively communicating its unique brand identity while also incorporating user-friendly features that facilitate online reservations. The website must effectively showcase the hotel’s facilities and services, including its luxurious amenities and convenient location. Additionally, the website must integrate seamlessly with the Jazz Series Hotel Group’s existing online infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive online presence across all properties. Given the highly competitive nature of the hospitality industry, it is crucial that the website is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, offering a user-friendly experience that sets Naïma Hotel apart from its competitors. Ultimately, the success of the website will play a critical role in driving the hotel’s bookings and attracting new guests to this vibrant corner of Melbourne.


The Papdan web development team tackled Naïma Hotel’s challenge by combining their technical expertise with a deep understanding of the brand’s unique value proposition. They designed a visually stunning website that seamlessly integrates all the hotel’s offerings with a user-friendly booking system. The team used responsive design to ensure the website is accessible across all devices, optimizing the user experience for each visitor. In addition, the team collaborated with the Jazz Series Hotel Group to ensure the new website aligns with the overarching brand strategy. By prioritizing Naïma Hotel’s unique attributes and delivering a seamless user experience, the Papdan web development team successfully provided the hotel with an online presence that sets it apart from the competition.