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Mercure Hotel St Kilda Road, located in Melbourne just 5km from the CBD, offers comfortable accommodations with a fitness center, cocktail bar, restaurant, and cafe. This 4.5-star hotel provides private parking, a terrace, a 24-hour front desk, and a tour desk for guests. The air-conditioned rooms feature amenities like a kettle, fridge, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a shower, while some rooms offer a kitchenette with a microwave and cooktop. Naima Restaurant & Bar serves a traditional Australian breakfast with vegetarian and vegan options. The hotel is situated near Albert Park Lake for jogging, St Kilda Beach for swimming, and easy exploration of Melbourne's CBD.


Developing the Mercure Hotel St Kilda Road's website posed several significant challenges. The website needed to function at an enterprise level, accommodating potentially high and fluctuating traffic. It was essential to ensure that the website's performance remained consistent and reliable even with unexpected surges in visitor traffic. Additionally, integrating the website with the hotel's online booking systems was a critical challenge. This integration required seamless functionality to facilitate room reservations and provide up-to-date availability information. The website also had to encompass various features, including an availability finder, detailed room information, and event and function listings, as well as providing room compendiums directly to guests, making it a complex project with diverse requirements.


To tackle these challenges, we employed a robust website development approach. We focused on creating a scalable architecture that could handle fluctuations in website traffic, ensuring that visitors consistently enjoyed a smooth and reliable experience. The integration with the online booking systems was approached with a high degree of customization to ensure seamless functionality for room reservations. The website was designed to provide comprehensive information about room availability, types, and features, catering to the diverse needs of potential guests. Features like the availability finder and event listings were carefully implemented to enhance user experience. In addition, room compendiums were made readily accessible, providing added convenience to guests. By combining a performance-oriented architecture with a user-friendly interface, we successfully addressed the website's complex requirements, making it an effective tool for the Mercure Hotel St Kilda Road to engage with guests and streamline the booking process.