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Project Description

Robot Building Supplies is a long-standing family-owned Australian business that has been supplying quality building products for over 60 years. They have grown from a small tin shed in Collingwood to seven conveniently located stores across Melbourne. They offer a wide range of building materials, including metal roofing, cladding, structural steel, insulation, timber, and more. With their extensive experience, they provide expert advice and competitive prices to both trade and retail customers. Their commitment to quality and competitive pricing has made them a trusted name in Melbourne's building supply industry.


The migration and progressive redevelopment of the Robot Building Supplies website presented a notable challenge: enhancing the overall user experience for customers. As a multi-network WordPress e-commerce website, maintaining its smooth operation was a complex task. One of the recent successful challenges was the development of a custom visually enhanced flashing ordering system. This system aimed to empower customers by allowing them to create their own flashings, instantly pay for them, and place orders. The challenge here was to seamlessly integrate this system, enabling designs to be transmitted to the back office and warehouse for improved understanding of customer needs. Intellecta takes pride in successfully developing these critical facilities for Robot Building Supplies.


To address these challenges, the website migration and redevelopment were executed with a focus on user experience improvement. A multi-network WordPress e-commerce platform was optimized for smooth operation. The custom flashing ordering system was meticulously developed to provide customers with the ability to create and order flashings with ease. This system simplified the ordering process, allowing for instant payment and clear transmission of design preferences to the company's backend and warehouse. By implementing these solutions, Intellecta successfully improved the overall user experience for Robot Building Supplies' customers, making it easier for them to access quality building products and services.