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Income Asset Management


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Specialised Website Build – Enterprise Management

Project Description

Being a leading provider of financial services and investments, IncomeAM, aim is to provide their clients with the best possible experience. To achieve this goal, they realized the importance of having a modern, user-friendly website. The new website needed to feature a sleek design, intuitive navigation, and robust financial tools and resources. With the new website, client would be able to access the information they needed quickly and easily, making informed decisions about their finances. The site also would include educational content, helping users stay up to date with the latest financial news and trends. IncomeAM’s goal was for a website that was a significant step towards establishing a strong online presence and increasing engagement with their clients


As an industry leader provider of financial services and investments, IncomeAM, faced the daunting task of developing a new website that included the latest financial feeds, auto-updating with the required frequency. The website needed to be modern and user-friendly, featuring a sleek design and intuitive navigation, while offering robust financial tools and resources for clients. Additionally, the website had to incorporate educational content that would keep users informed about the latest financial news and trends. The challenge of automatic financial feed updates required extensive technical expertise and a robust content management system.


The Papdan team worked closely with IncomeAM to develop a website that met very complex specialised requirements. The team developed a custom set of robust tools that would bring to life a platform for increased client engagement and a strong enhanced online presence for a knowledgeable client base. The team integrated customised advanced financial feed systems and in close ongoing client consultation developed a content management system to allow for the automatic updates as required by the client for the various financial market feeds.