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The Trading Game


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Website Design & CSS Development

Project Description

The Trading Game is a trading mentor program by Chris Tate and Louise Bedford, providing valuable techniques and resources to enhance trading skills.


The challenge in designing the website is when making the layouts for each page, especially homepage, mentor page, and product page. What makes it difficult is the design that is hard to be made responsive. Usually, once WordPress is created, it will be automatically responsive; but in this case, it had to be re-set specifically for iPad portrait, landscape and mobile.

0 years is a remarkable milestone for a professional relationship.
See how we’ve managed to inspire such loyalty for over a decade
from Louise Bedford, the Managing Director of Trading Game.


Easy or hard, it is never a problem for our team! We keep improving our skills and never stop giving the best result for our client. Therefore, in this project, we re-designed it in order for iPad portrait, landscape and mobile to be responsive. That way, it made the process easier and got the desired result.