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The Dealer Process Guide (DPG) is an online enterprise system developed for Ford as part of the Ford Guest Experience program. It initially served as a web portal called the Ford Guest Experience (also developed by Intellecta), designed to host technology, multimedia, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) content for the program in India, with potential for deployment in other markets with content adjustments. With the introduction of FGE 2.0, there were two key developments: a different customer journey structure compared to FGE 1.0 necessitating changes to the sitemap, and the creation of a digital dealer process guide (DPG) offering detailed SOPs. Additionally, there was a shift from independent user database authentication to using ADFS for authentication, ensuring access to FGE 2.0 assets for all stakeholders.


The integration of ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) into the Ford Guest Experience (FGE) program was a substantial challenge. ADFS is a complex technology that allows secure access to various applications within an organization, and its successful integration into the Dealer Process Guide (DPG) required a meticulous approach. This technology shift from independent user database authentication to ADFS was pivotal in ensuring access to FGE 2.0 assets for all stakeholders. The transition required a deep understanding of ADFS protocols and the development of a seamless authentication process that met the rigorous security standards of Ford's IT systems.


To address the ADFS integration challenge, a multidisciplinary team of experts in ADFS and web development was assembled. This team collaborated closely to ensure the smooth integration of ADFS into the DPG. They meticulously configured the system to adhere to Ford's strict security standards, providing a secure and seamless authentication process for all stakeholders. Communication was vital in this process, with consistent and clear updates provided to all parties involved to ensure a smooth transition. By effectively combining technical expertise, adherence to security standards, and clear communication, the Dealer Process Guide successfully implemented ADFS integration, offering secure access to FGE 2.0 assets for all users while maintaining the integrity and security of Ford's IT systems.