Bird’s Basement


Bird’s Basement


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Enterprise – Booking System, Ticketing, CRM and Apps

Project Description

Bird’s Basement is a live music venue, presenting Jazz and many other genres, mostly international acts. Their customers usually enjoy an early dinner show and a late supper show. We take parts in assisting with the web application and the ticketing system.


Sometimes, it’s quite a challenge in implementing API or the things such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. It requires a great deal of patience and good teamwork to create the best result for the client. There may also be possibilities that the coding doesn’t work.


We always find alternative ways when dealing with difficult problems. For instance, in case the coding doesn’t work, we look for the tools to check the progress and see if things go wrong or not. With our passion combined with patience, we can meticulously deliver the best quality service for our client.