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Venom Audio, an international company headquartered in Jakarta and established in 1998, is dedicated to designing in-car speakers for music enthusiasts worldwide. Over the years, they have earned numerous awards and secured victories in sound-off championships. The company's directors share a deep passion for music reproduction, which fuels their drive to develop the perfect speaker system. They rely on their ears as the ultimate judges, acknowledging that music is a subjective field where traditional measuring instruments have their limits. Venom Audio is unafraid to explore uncharted territory during development, and their commitment to innovation knows no bounds in their pursuit of perfect sound.


Having worked with Venom Audio for over 10 years now, we have helped them progress from pre-dated style of systems and websites. Venom faced two significant challenges. The first was the need to build a modern brand that would reflect the company's international presence and reputation for designing in-car speakers for music enthusiasts. This involved a complete rebranding effort to update and enhance their image to appeal to a wider global audience. The second challenge was to develop apps and systems that would streamline and support their sales teams, as well as incentivize distributors to use Venom Audio products. This required the creation of user-friendly tools that would enhance sales and distribution efforts and facilitate seamless collaboration between teams and partners.


To tackle these challenges, Venom Audio embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative, focusing on modernizing their brand identity and online presence. This included website redesign, updated marketing materials, and a renewed focus on global appeal. Additionally, the development of apps and systems to support sales teams and incentivize distributors was prioritized. These tools were designed to simplify the sales process, improve communication, and offer rewards or incentives to distributors for promoting Venom Audio products. In addition to these initiatives, we also provided assistance in designing posters, product packaging, company brochures, and various marketing materials. These collateral materials further reinforced the modern brand image and enhanced Venom Audio's ability to engage with customers and partners effectively. By investing in branding, innovative technology solutions, and comprehensive marketing materials, Venom Audio successfully positioned itself as a modern and forward-thinking company, better equipped to serve its international customer base and support its sales and distribution networks.