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Project Description

Jazz Corner Hotel is a hotel located in the heart of Melbourne offering luxurious accommodation and exceptional services to its guests, while also being the host for Bird’s Basement, a globally renowned jazz club. The company wanted an online presence to reach a larger audience, so decided to create the new website. The website would not only showcase the hotel’s amenities and services but also provide a seamless booking experience for guests. As part of the Jazz Series Hotel Group, management knew the importance of having an online platform that would accurately represent the brand and appeal to its target audience. The goal was to create a user-friendly website that reflects the hotel’s style, sophistication, and commitment to providing an unparalleled hospitality experience.


Creating a new website for Jazz Corner Hotel would present several challenges. Firstly, the website needed to capture the essence of the hotel’s unique personality, blend it with its jazz music theme, and appeal to the target audience’s tastes. The website would also need to have a seamless and intuitive user experience, making it easy for visitors to navigate, find relevant information, and most importantly book their stay. Additionally, the website would need to be optimized for search engines, be mobile-friendly, and meet web accessibility guidelines. To accomplish these goals, the Jazz Corner Hotel team would need to collaborate with experienced web designers, developers, copywriters, and SEO experts to create a website that showcases their brand, attracts new customers, and retains existing ones.


To solve the challenge of creating the new site, the Papdan web development team worked closely with the hotel management to identify the brand’s unique selling points, target audience, and goals. A site was designed incorporated the hotel’s jazz theme, with an intuitive user interface, high-quality visuals, and engaging content. The team ensured that the website was optimized for mobile devices and search engines and provided easy booking functionality to enhance the user experience. Overall, the web development team provided a customized and comprehensive solution to Jazz Corner Hotel’s web development needs, ensuring that the new website reflected the brand’s style, sophistication, and commitment to hospitality.