Sixty Nine Coffee


Sixty Nine Coffee


Branding & Entertainment


Logos, Flyers, Banners, Coffee Cards etc

Project Description

69coffee is a coffee shop located in Pluit, North Jakarta, presenting and providing a place for guests who want to enjoy coffee and food. 69coffee has been established since mid-2015.


69coffee aspires to present elegant and classic image. Not only showing elegant impression, but also presenting warm and comfortable environment for the customers, giving a sense of unforgettable moment for the guests who visit 69coffee.


The concept of 69coffee logo was inspired by yin and yang, which means “balance” from the Chinese’s culture. Not only inspired by yin and yang, the 69 logo also represents coffee bean conceptualized according to the number 69. Creating a new image for a cafe isn’t only from showing its logo. We also designed branding stationery for 69coffee, such as their name card, stamp card, menu book, menu wall, their packagings, and where the logo would be applied. The color combination between dark brown and light brown brings out the elegance in the gold color of the 69 logo.