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What Is a Pillar Page?

A pillar page is essentially a hub or foundation around which the cluster pages are created. It gives a thorough overview of a subject but leaves opportunity for the cluster pages, which frequently concentrate on a specific facet of the subject, sometimes a keyword, to provide more in-depth treatment of the subject.

For instance, a pillar content page on SEO might mention technical SEO in passing before linking to a cluster page that elaborates on the subject in great detail.

Because they cover every aspect of a subject, pillar pages are frequently longer than standard blog entries. Pillar and cluster pages cross-link to one another, but a well-designed pillar page establishes itself as an authoritative source and draws a lot of external links.

The Benefits of Pillar and Cluster Pages Include: 

  • Increased engagement: Viewers find well-organized content to be very user-friendly, which increases engagement.
  • Longer session durations: This structure tends to keep users on the site longer, increasing engagement and page views because the pillar-cluster pages are interconnected.
  • Provide better signals to Google: As a result of the pillar and cluster page groupings’ excellent organisation, Google can quickly detect the topics they cover and rank them accordingly. Content organised by topic pillars and clusters tends to get rewarded with higher ranks because Google tends to rank poorly-organized webpages low.

We’ll go over some of the major categories of content pillar pages next. Remember that these divisions between the categories are not rigid, thus certain pillar pages may have components from all of them.

The “Guide”

A “guide” pillar page, as the name implies, aspires to provide the final word on a topic. It may be a beginner’s 101 guide or something more complex targeted for a particular industry sector. A manual or “ultimate manual” establishes your expertise in an area or subject matter, strengthens your brand, and fosters trust with a specific audience.

The guide pillar page provides a thorough summary of the subject, making it a reliable resource for people who are interested in the topic. Additionally, it has links to related cluster pages that deepen understanding of various facets of the subject, frequently connected to a single term.

A well-timed and thoughtful guide pillar page can generate a lot of interest, increase traffic to the website, draw backlinks, and cultivate an audience that can be turned into subscribers or paying clients.

The “What Is”

“What is…” is a common question posed by people. When they learn about anything intriguing, debatable, or pertinent, they are curious.

  • “What is SEO?”
  • “What is Polyglot”
  • “What is Quarter-life Crisis?”

To tap into this desire to learn more, a pillar page can serve as a definitive examination of a subject — a highly useful stand-alone resource that links to related cluster pages and develops aspects of the subject in greater detail. In many ways, it is authoritative, like a guide page.

You can increase organic traffic to your website by creating a page that caters to a popular topic and makes a strong case for its significance. With the correct conversion strategy, the traffic develops into a top-of-the-funnel flow that can eventually be converted into valuable customers.

The “How-To”

A “how-to” content pillar page, as compared to a “what is” pillar page, describes what something is and how to go about doing it. You can assist your target audience in finding solutions to issues or strategies to enhance the procedures required for their job activities.

If you have successfully addressed your clients’ pain points and provide lots of good, helpful information, a solution or tool to cure an issue can be worked in subtly and adopted. In these kinds of pillar sites, clear, step-by-step tutorials are frequently employed.

Create More Powerful Content Pillar Pages

One of the best methods to engage your target audience, establish your company’s authority and brand, and develop the kind of trust that enables you to move prospects down the sales funnel and turn them into customers is through content marketing.

Adopting the pillar-cluster strategy is one of the best ways to organise your material so that it produces results. The best practises for creating pillar content include deciding on the planned returns, selecting what you want to rank for, and outlining the content’s aims and what you are aiming to achieve.

Are You Ready to Start Using Pillar Pages?

The term is not coincidental; pillar pages can serve as the foundation for your material as a whole. In our experience as Melbourne SEO services expert, pillar pages are a crucial component of site structure since they can offer a simple user interface and hit all the SEO high points. Think about integrating pillar pages into your ecosystem of content to help your target audience cross them with ease.