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Keeping up with the newest web design trends is a sure-fire approach for any Melbourne web designers to guarantee they’re ready to attract the attention of the online masses in the face of fierce competition. Over the last two years, we’ve all spent a lot of time browsing the web, and it’s reasonable to say that this period has provided – and continues to bring – new chances and possibility for further innovation in web design.

We’ve seen nostalgia being embraced, no doubt to assist calm and console us during these trying times. Simultaneously, we’ve seen creators reconsider design rules and principles and encourage others to do the same. These two advancements, taken together, define the web design future in 2022 and beyond.

Whether it’s the growth of one-page websites, a greater emphasis on typography, or the adoption of more neutral and abstract design components, it all comes down to the details when it comes to producing a fascinating website. The six web design trends described below can help designers create a website that pays respect to the early days of the internet while also looking to the future.

If you’re new to web design, you’ll want to invest in the best web design tools available. You might also be interested in reading our post about 2022 web design trends.

Large and small typography

The web design plan for next year includes large letters and unique typefaces. Websites greet visitors with phrases that span the full page and visually encompass all of the features. The font trend reminds us that our typeface may act as a supporting design element as well as a means of conveying information.

Fonts are crucial in establishing a brand’s identity. Coca-Cola, Disney, and Harry Potter, for example, have created bespoke typographies that are recognized across the world. So it’s worth thinking about using your own typeface on your website. Play around with different colors and forms. Letters can also include images and other material.

Fewer images for heroes

To be effective, a website’s hero section does not have to rely entirely on obvious images or photo carousels. Keeping things basic helps set the tone for why the visitor came to the site in the first place, and why they should keep scrolling. Take a look at websites like SVZ, which employ color, shapes, typography, and layout to express their distinct brand identity in a simple yet appealing way.

Abstract illustrations

Although pictures have long been utilized in web design, abstract illustrations, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular. Why? They provide designers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to mix and combine diverse mediums, resulting in some intriguingly unanticipated effects.

Organic textures lend a handcrafted sense, hand-drawn scribbles offer familiarity, and mixing and combining apparently limitless possibilities — a refreshing change from the digital world.

Interactive 3D elements

In the past, three-dimensional figures or images were quite important in online design. Videos are the most common way for those who wish to add 3D effects to their online project. The static integration of three-dimensional material is set to be replaced by an exciting web design trend: websites with 3D elements that can be moved by mouse click or finger touch are becoming more and more frequent.

Gender-neutral designs

Gender-neutral design, which was formerly assumed to be about being considerate, is now becoming the norm. The first step in going beyond societal norms is to establish a baseline of accessibility for all visitors. Pinks, for example, aren’t only for women, and “hypermasculine” motifs like as flames and skulls don’t have to be prominent to appeal to a male audience. Simply simply, designers should make no assumptions about their target audience.

Multiple gender choices and pronouns are becoming more frequent in both internet forms and drop-down menus. Many ecommerce companies are becoming more inclusive by not classifying items by gender and offering modeled photos on many body shapes to make their products more accessible.