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There are some interesting finds in this November collection of resources and tools for Melbourne based web designers and developers. Including a variety of useful tools for the design and development process.


This month’s design news is summarized here.



Atropos is a free, open-source JavaScript toolkit for creating three-dimensional hover effects that are touch-friendly. The end product is amazing, with a lovely parallax effect. Everything may be customized and configured to your liking. It has no dependencies and is available for JavaScript, React, and Vue.js. is a rapid visual sitemap builder that uses the content brick approach to allow you to work in real-time. It’s free to use and allows you to share and communicate in real time.


Pirsch Analytics

Pirsch Analytics is a lightweight, cookie-free open-source alternative to Google Analytics that can be simply implemented into any website or into your backend. It has filters for seeing metrics the way you want them to be shown, as well as bright and dark settings.



Blobr is a service that allows you to create a custom API site, manage access, and track use all in one location. Customize everything to match your brand, and the tool will grow with you as you add or modify capacity. It’s also simple to set up and free to use.


CSS Gradient Editor

CSS Gradient Editor allows you to build the appropriate gradient style for your projects by starting with defaults. Create a background, fill, or nearly any other gradient element you need, make any necessary tweaks or customizations, and then download the CSS with a single click so you can start using it right away.



For photographers, Glass is a photo-sharing app. It’s a kind of social network that allows you to share photographs with the larger photography community without the need for “likes.” Just fantastic photos.



Mechanic is an open-source framework for building unique web-based applications that export design files to your browser. The greatest thing is that you can use the “poster generator” to try it out directly on your computer screen. If you like what you see, there’s a wealth of material to guide you.



Revolt is a still-in-beta chat service that allows users to communicate without having to download any applications. It’s a configurable open-source project with a user-friendly and familiar UI. The fact that this software is designed on a privacy-first concept distinguishes it. is a worklet package that contains CSS and code examples to assist you in working more efficiently. See how various elements appear in different browsers and learn how to alter the code and combine them in the manner you desire. Houdini is a collection of low-level APIs that expose portions of the CSS engine, allowing developers to expand CSS by hooking into the browser’s rendering engine’s style and layout process.




Chainstarters is a Web3-enabled platform for software developers that is powerful, fast, and easy to use. It relieves you of the effort of establishing and maintaining a secure and scalable infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on developing groundbreaking technologies.