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In any web design, icons are one of the most significant interface components. Icons in design may be used for more than just drawing users to an application; they can also be utilized as extra information in the design. Icons may be used in mobile apps, website design, print design, and many other places.

The importance of good icons in a design cannot be underestimated. The most successful icons are those that put forth a lot of effort. They must transmit a range of messages, have diversity, and be strategically employed. Icons are hard to get right. Designers frequently need to develop multiple variations before settling on the best one. This is why so many designers utilize free icons in their work. It’s the ideal approach to acquire a wide range of icons without spending any money. There are several excellent free icon sets available to help you improve your design. Here are some of our personal favorites.


When creating icons, one of the most common concerns we’ve heard is that people couldn’t locate the symbols they wanted, and that they were often too costly. You’ll gain access to hundreds of icons with glyphsicons, all of which are freely customizable. As a result, you can completely change the appearance and feel of your symbols to match your brand. You’ll receive 1500+ glyph icons that are organized, simple to use, and completely customizable.


Phosphor contains almost 4000 icons, all of which have the same design and scale. Phosphor has a large icon collection and is entirely free and open-source; this level of attention to detail is what sets it apart. It may be customized and used to generate attractive icons for usage in a variety of media, including websites, interfaces, diagrams, presentations, and more.


Unicon is a bold new approach to design a website. This collection has over 4500 icons to pick from, including social icons, stock icons, icons from product sites, and more! They’re simple to utilize in any program, including Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Unicons is a useful package that will help you save time and effort.

700+ CSS Icons

Creating a stunning icon has never been easier. We discovered that finding lightweight, scalable, and retina-ready solutions is difficult. You’ll find everything you need to create a full design system among the 700 UI icons provided. These icons are all vector objects, so they’ll look great on any screen size and resolution. You won’t have to worry about your icons being pixelated, low-quality, or fuzzy because they were created from the ground up.


Boxicons is a free vector icon collection that may be used in UI design, branding, marketing, logo design, and web design. Font files, SVG, CSS, and PNG are among the four types available. The icon collection includes a huge number of icons with variants so that they may be used in any project. Get Boxicons now and add a final touch to your work!

Fork Awesome

Fork Awesome icons are high-resolution, scalable graphics that are available in a number of formats for designers. They’re a fast and convenient modern addition to classic design best practices like simplicity, typography, usability for everyone, and accessibility, and they’re designed for simple usage on the web. The symbols promote positive user interactions through targeted information and clear communication: they’ll make your website look as appealing as feasible.


Remixicon is a collection of open-source symbols in a variety of areas that are free to use. These icons are ideal for designers and developers seeking for a set of beautifully made, widely useable icons that follow a strict style guide. In all, there are more than 2271 icons, including icons for a variety of uses.