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A great eCommerce website builder could come in useful if you are a business owner looking for the best and easiest approach to create an online store. You may utilize these simple-to-use platforms that can be quickly set-up without prior web development experience and without draining millions from bank accounts for gleaming online businesses.

But, with so many options available, how does one decide which is the greatest fit for the company’s current needs?

We did some digging to find the finest eCommerce website builders for new business owners. We’ve whittled it down to the top 5 candidates.

What Is an eCommerce Website Builder and How Does It Work?

Website builders are simple internet tools that enable users to create a website without any prior experience of design, code, programming, or development. eCommerce website builders are similar to website builders in general, but they are more focused on the online selling specialty.

eCommerce website builders, such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce, are meant to be simple to use for everyone, from novice to expert. The majority of them function as visual drag-and-drop editors, with online tutorials available for assistance.


Wix climbed to the top of the list thanks to its 500 templates and drag-and-drop functionality. If you want to build a beautiful eCommerce website, it’s a great option. Their amazing image and video placement can give your product galleries an awesome appearance, and you can be certain that everything will look wonderful on mobile devices because they haven’t overlooked optimization.

Money transfers, credit cards, and PayPal are all options for payment. The best part is that Wix doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Wix ShoutOut is an intriguing addition to the online shop that can be used to send out a newsletter to your clients, keeping them up to speed on news, special deals, and other noteworthy items.

Wix is a great option for company owners that don’t have a lot of website-building knowledge. Anyone can create a professional-looking eCommerce website using the drag and drop functionality. Wix is also an excellent choice for eCommerce firms with physical locations. The program enables you to process payments simultaneously through your website and a real card processor.


Shopify is a fantastic eCommerce platform for creating small and large online shops. Because Shopify has no bandwidth limitations, entrepreneurs with enterprises of all sizes may list as many goods as they want. As a result, the online store can simply scale as the company grows.

Shopify not only has outstanding eCommerce design templates, but it also allows for design modification based on the needs of the business. Along with design customization, Shopify’s app store allows users to add new functionality to their website without having to change the backend structure or write code. SEO tools, graphic builders, monitoring tools, and other functions are among them.

Shopify connects seamlessly with marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, allowing businesses to start selling on many platforms. It includes all of the necessary payment and delivery options.

Big Commerce

BigCommerce is an excellent choice for both experienced and novice business owners. The BigCommerce platform has a number of features that make it extremely user-friendly.

Furthermore, built-in marketing features may assist you in promoting your site, SEO tools can assist you in getting your site discovered by search engines, and a secure shopping cart as well as a payment gateway for your customers.

BigCommerce provides a free trial period during which you may cancel your membership at any time. BigCommerce does not charge fees on your transactions; but, depending on the price plan you choose, it will restrict the amount of sales you may make.


If you ask us, this one is expensive, at least the premium version. The free edition is an open-source solution that is similar to woo-commerce in concept. You should bear in mind that this edition does not include hosting or a domain name. The second version, which is paid, costs 50,000 dollars. The cost is somewhat justified by the fact that it is utilized by some of the world’s largest corporations.

Magento is one of the most modern e-commerce systems on the market right now, thanks to its scalability. Magento, more than any other eCommerce website builder on the list, necessitates a higher level of expertise and abilities. Another important characteristic is that it will not have the same level of technical assistance as others.

Magento provides you the ability to customize it because it is open-source. You can make nearly whatever your heart desires if you have the necessary abilities. You may either start from scratch or choose one of the numerous pre-installed themes. There are also a lot of fantastic extensions that may help you increase the functionality of your site.


Squarespace features a great design interface and some of the most cutting-edge designs available. It’s mostly a tool for creating regular websites, although it does include a useful eCommerce function.

This eCommerce website builder is designed for businesses who want a modern appearance with an emphasis on simplicity. It has tools for social networking, design, inventory, and marketing, in other words, it has everything a contemporary eCommerce business needs. It enables you to switch templates at any moment without losing any of your data. Squarespace, on the other hand, offers fewer connectors than other platforms and isn’t designed for large-scale eCommerce enterprises, so consider hard before deciding.