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Instagram Reels content is already becoming a significant component of businesses’ and influencers’ content strategy for 2021, as all social media service providers and online marketers expected. When you publish Reels on a regular basis, Instagram’s algorithm will favor your content, increasing your account’s exposure and resulting in greater engagement. Let’s look at five different approaches to make Reels without running out of content ideas.

Let’s get started!

Plan and Create Storyboard

The benefit of short-form video material is that it can be both casual and well-planned. Reels, unlike Instagram Stories, should be prepared in the same way as Grid posts are. Reels let you change up your material without needing to redo your Grid posts, Stories, or Instagram TV content. Storyboarding helps you lay out your ideas for the proper implementation.

Begin with generating an idea for your Reels and then defining the post’s objective. What do you want your followers to gain out of seeing it? Create a list of what you want to film, once you’ve figured out your call-to-action. Knowing what you’ll film for each frame can make shooting easier and help you stay under the 60-second Reels time restriction.

Educational Content

Reels are ideal for sharing educational content to your audience. Reels offer you sufficient time to demonstrate a process from the beginning to the end. Using Reels for a lesson or a brief how-to video increases your weekly post count while also providing your audience with additional material diversity. If you’re having difficulties coming up with instructional ideas, go to your Instagram Stories and ask your followers for suggestions.

Understanding TikTok to Master Reels 

When you commit to generating Reels content, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the current TikTok trends. TikTok changed the short-form video market forever. Many creators use Instagram Reels to recycle their TikTok video. Many of the same themes, such as dancing challenges, music, and audio, that originally appeared on TikTok are quickly making their way to Instagram Reels. And, because there’s a clear link between high-performing TikTok video and Instagram Reels, you’ll need to know what’s trending so you can utilize and rework it into your Reels material.

Commit to Reels 

Brands and creators who took full use of all of Instagram’s in-app capabilities gain more exposure on the platform. As previously said, uploading Instagram Reels on a regular basis aids the Instagram algorithm in prioritizing your material. Still, we understand that uploading four to seven Reels each week might be overwhelming, so if you’re just getting started, work your way up to that golden number.

Note: Just because you’re new at making Reels and publishing them doesn’t mean you can get away with it by reposting TikToks to your reel. To assist you gain a place on the Explore Page, make sure you’re sharing Reels content instead.

Analyze Insights and Create

Reels Insights is an Instagram feature that allows users to see the number of accounts reached, views, peak concurrent viewers, likes, and saves. Users can monitor how their Reels and IG Live video is doing in real-time, which is also available for Instagram Live. This not only allows creators to know which of their Reels worked well, but it also allows them to figure out what sort of Reels material is most popular and engaging. Understanding why a Reel performed the way it did allows you to pivot and develop additional material that your audience can relate to.

After reading our tips, you’ll realize that creating Instagram Reels isn’t that different from creating any other form of Instagram content. Keep in mind to come up with a variety of content ideas that are unique from your Grid and other video material. Copying and pasting from one Instagram feature to the next is not a good idea.

We hope that with our tips, you’ll be able to upload four to seven reels every week in no time!