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Instagram is one of the most well-known and influential social media available today. Many marketers try to optimize Instagram page as a compliment to their SEO services. They see Instagram as a valuable resource for finding, growing, and connecting with their target audience. It’s difficult to generate engagement on Instagram only with captivating posts. Offering captivating posts to your fans needs a lot of creativity. Instagram Live is another alternative digital marketer do beside one way to do this.

Here, we will provide you with eight tips to create phenomenal videos on Instagram Live. 

Share Videos About Ongoing Events 

When you run a company, you must meet people and schedule meetings and conferences. Why not advertise your activities with videos?

You may, for example, show your viewers who is attending the event or film behind-the-scenes planning and build-up.

If you’re giving a speech on stage, have someone record it. During your Live session, share specifics and information about upcoming events with your audience, and make sure to appoint team members to keep track of your feedback and respond to them so that you can interact with your audience.

Maintain Consistency in Your Series

Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s the most important factor in achieving your target. If you provide content weekly or regular, your audience would be impressed with your consistency. People will be drawn to frequent Live series, which will help you succeed on Instagram Live. For example, if you’re a makeup artist, you might start posting regular live videos of you working with your clients – especially during events where you’re shooting – on social media. You might also make an entertaining series by recreating a celebrity’s beauty look in a fixed amount of time. Continue with your idea if your series receives a positive response.

Use Live To Interact With Your Audience 

You can go live once a week or twice a month for the sole purpose of engaging with your audience. Collect questions from your audience and spend time on Instagram Live answering them. You can also directly respond to their query in real time. This way, you can use the forum to share some knowledge or learn more about your audience’s concerns or feedback in order to increase interaction and build a relationship with them.

Host Interviews With an Influencer

Influencer marketing is at its peak right now. Almost 25 million business profiles are connected to roughly the same number of influencers. People respect and enjoy interacting with influencers. The number of influencers in each market is difficult to estimate since they can range from micro-influencers to high-profile celebrities.

You could reach out to an industry influencer and ask them to collaborate with your brand and promote your products and services. Influencer marketing broadens your audience and increases traffic to your website. However, before you choose an influencer, you must first determine who your target audience is and then find someone who fits that profile.

Instagram Live gives you a new way to collaborate with your influencer: by holding a live interview. When you ask questions about your product and industry, you’ll notice a rise in the number of people who are interested.

Save and Share Your Live Videos 

It’s important to save the Instagram Live video until it’s over. It allows you to rewatch the video and make notes for potential changes. You can also save and post it on your Instagram Stories Highlights and other media if it’s a huge hit. Instagram Stories Highlights is a fantastic feature that allows you to save your stories for later viewing. Posting a variety of content to Stories and using the right filters will help you get more Instagram Stories views. It’s as easy as saving your video and posting it to your Stories.