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If you are still struggling to attract traffic on your website, look at the marketing strategies you are using and evaluate whether you are communicating with your customers emotionally or not. Marketing strategies are not only about using the best SEO method or creating adds. Sure, using the best SEO services would help but you also have to build relationships with your customer. You’re more likely to see an increase in sales as you connect with your clients on an emotional basis and build a more positive relationship. Connecting on an emotional basis is actually a marketing tactic for big companies like Apple! But to successfully employ this technique, you don’t need to be one of the Top Five tech firms.

So how can you begin emotionally engaging with customers?

Build Human to Human Connection

The easiest way to continue establishing an intimate bond with your consumers is authenticity. Don’t be that business owners that only sends an email newsletter or social media updates periodically. Show your human side don’t be afraid to present yourself on your social media pages. Upload a picture of yourself and tell yourself a few interesting things. Be sure to share their photos too if you have team members!

Make sure to show your personality in posts. Tell your own stories and values. Find that balance between professional and personal. It is time for some changes if your current posts are absence of any personality.

Share Exclusive Content

Offering exclusive content to them is another way to show your clients that you value them and create an emotional connection. There are a couple of ways to get around this. One way is to organize a competition, where consumers get the chance to win stuff free. For instance, when they using one of your products, encourage them to take a picture and tag you on that picture. Another way to share exclusive content is to have a customer-only e-newsletter, which gives them access to discounts or updates that have not yet been announced on upcoming products. It’s a small way to make customers feel valued.

Use Social Media to Connect with Your Consumer

Social media is a great tool to build a community. Social networking sites not only provide a way for you to post information about your business, but also provide you with a way to connect with consumers quickly. Don’t make the mistake of merely uploading posts and do zero interaction. Show your clients that you listen for what they’re saying and respect it. Response to any questions and comments as much as possible. Yeah, and a “Thanks!” Or taking the time to like a message will make a big difference for consumers.

Know you Customer

Needed some insight about your customers? Try talking to them! It is also a perfect way to prove that you respect them and genuinely care about their desires and needs. Asking for suggestions is one way of doing this.

Ask them on what items they’d like to see. The way you respond to their input also matters. Don’t brush it off or act like you’re not going to hear it. Negative comments will make them feel like they don’t care for you.

Never Stop Improving

Once you have that feedback from your customers, use it to make improvements to your business! The needs of your customers will constantly change and evolve. As a company owner, you can continually think about new ways to develop your product.

And what you need to do most of the time is listen to what your clients want to start making those changes.

It tells your clients that you respect them and that you appreciate who they are by listening to your clients and seeking to find a way to give them what they want. And this personal bond is going to have them coming back for more!