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Machine learning especially deep learning has been the most talk about topic for the last several years. And it continue to be topic of discussion, not only in web developers and tech community but also among people with zero knowledge about tech. If you are a developer and have been reading articles and posts on deep learning, you must be intrigued by how the industry is progressing.

For people who haven’t got into the trend, deep learning is one of machine learning techniques where programmers write codes that teach systems to perform tasks that come naturally to humans. Whether you realize is or not, deep learning has been implemented in most of our technologies today, such as voice control options in smartphones, tablets, hands-free speakers, TVs, and it is key to developing driverless cars.

Deep learning could be an option for developers that looking to switch niche or field. In this post, you will learn about the rapid growth of deep learning and our recommended way to learn about deep learning.

When asked why deep learning grows rapidly, the simplest answer is because of its ‘accuracy.’ Deep learning executes recognition accuracy at higher levels, helping consumer electronics meet user expectations. With constant technological advancements, deep learning has improved to the point that it is outperforming humans in tasks like categorizing objects in images.


What is The Best Way to Learn?

There will be a lot to code. So, the better approach is to understand the changing industry needs and shape yourself accordingly. There are about 10 extremely popular programming languages according to GitHub. From those languages, Python rank number one and we highly recommend you to learning about it as a starter.

You can easily solve problems with deep learning codes and algorithms once you know the right languages and tools. However, to achieve you will need to form a systematic process for repeatable results, like:

  • A process that is constant to the specific tools, fad algorithms, and programming languages. It takes no time for a tool to get outdated, but the process you use must be adaptive.
  • Work on developing a process that assures ‘positive’ results.
  • The process you choose must be ‘step-by-step’ so that you and the whole team working with you know what is next. Your team would not want to completely rely on you for codes. And not knowing what the next step is is a project killer.
  • You need a process that allows you to see it from a problem specification and guide you from end-to-end.

Deep learning is a hype these days. As a developer, it has to be enticing to discover the entire new world of programming and coding where computers are involved. But before you start, it is crucial that you clear up the fundamentals, especially in mathematics, because coding and programming language skills are not the only things you need.