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It is not a secret anymore that most of people use their smartphones to do almost everything, including web search. Even though mobile web searching is common, but not a lot of business owners or even SEO services provider aware and do optimization for mobile keywords. Since, only a few people that optimize their site for mobile web search you should hurry and get a head start.

To start optimizing keywords, you need to do mobile keyword research. Mobile keyword research is used in search engine optimization to determine which keywords a mobile user might search for. Differ from desktop searches, mobile searches are often more localized and specific.

Before we continue further, we have prepared this concrete example that can help clarify the need for distinct mobile versus desktop keywords. This example also introduces some of the unique characteristics of mobile search terms.

Say you’re looking for hardware stores on your mobile when doing errands. You’ve got to find a tape. The chances are that you’re hoping to find a spot nearby where you can get the equipment you need right away. However, when you happen to be searching casually from home, the need is less crucial. How does this impact the input of your search engine?

In the first instance, you might input “hardware store + [neighborhood you’re in]” or “hardware store + [city]” in your search engine. In latter instance, you might type for “buy a tape.” Whether you aware of it or not, in the second instance you don’t really care where you get the tape from and could easily order it from a major ecommerce provider for delivery.

From this example, we can conclude that mobile users tend to be closer to the “transactional” phase, which means their searches are more likely to result in sales or conversion. With this insight, business owners, SEO professionals, even anyone should use this into their advantage.

Just like desktop keywords, you cannot just throw in random keywords and hope they’ll magically increase your metrics. Mobile keywords also need to be researched. Mobile keyword research allows digital marketing experts, webmasters, and SEO professionals to step into the shoes of mobile users. As with most things SEO, mobile keyword research isn’t a guessing game — it’s a science that’s driven by concrete data.

Mobile keyword research is the process of analyzing keywords using SEO tools (software) and technologies to determine whether those keywords will likely to do well in mobile search, draw organic search traffic and result in conversions. The research will give you It includes keyword difficulty (KD), search volume, ranking position, expected organic traffic, and more.

After we understand a little bit about mobile keywords, now let’s talk about how you can conduct your own mobile keyword research. You can follow these steps to kick start your research.

  • Start from inside by checking on what keywords you currently rank for
  • Gather information and learn more about search queries and the types of search queries
  • Learn more about SERPs
  • Explore Shorter Keywords
  • Start to explore Location-Based Keywords
  • Utilize Non-Text Searches