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Hello Melbourne web developers, if you are searching for new frameworks to learn while working at home then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of Java frameworks available but you don’t have to learn them all. You can start with essentials like Spring and Hibernate, then learn about others when you really need them.

Here are our list of most essential Java frameworks and we believe every Java developer should learn.


We will start with the most popular one, Hibernate. There is no doubt that Hibernate is the leading Java persistent framework, and if you don’t already know about Hibernate, then you should learn it. Hibernate is used in almost every Java project, especially on server-side Java application. Another useful feature of Hibernate is it provides the implementation of Java Persistence API.

Along with the Spring framework, which we’ll discuss later, Hibernate the most wanted skills for Java developers. It mentioned in every job description for Java Web Developer role.

Spring Framework

Like Hibernate, Spring Framework is a popular framework and there is a good chance that you already know it. But if you don’t, you can start learning now. It is expected from every Java developer to know Spring Framework because it has become the standard framework for server-side applications development.

If your goal is to become a server-side Java developer, then mastering Spring Framework is a must. You well be asked to demonstrate Spring framework skills in almost all the Java interviews. Along with Hibernate, as we mention before.

While Spring is a comprehensive and vast framework and there are several projects under it like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, and others, you are at least expected to know the Spring core and Spring MVC.

Spring Boot

Using Spring Boot to write a Spring-based Java application was as easy as writing a core Java application using the main() method. Plus, it doesn’t have too much configuration which make it simpler to learn. We have used Spring Boot in past projects, yet there are still a lot to explore. It has various potential so, we highly encourage you to learn about Spring Boot.

Spring Security 5

There is no substitute for security, and for now, it will be even more important. Since Spring Security has become synonymous with web security in the Java world, it makes perfect sense to update yourself with the latest release of Spring Security.

Spring Cloud

Developing cloud-based applications its own challenges, and Spring Cloud aims to solve those. It provides tools for Java developers to quickly build some of the common patterns of cloud-based applications, such as configuration management, service discovery, client-side load balancing, etc.

It is true that you don’t have to worry about hardware, database, and installing other software when developing cloud-base java apps. But your app still needs them to work properly.

Here is where Spring Cloud come to help. It provides a simple and efficient cloud connector to access those services by abstracting all cloud-specific details, which means you can access those essential services in the cloud just like you do in a non-cloud environment like you can connect to a database by just knowing the host and port and login credentials.