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When you’re trying to rank your website, backlinks can be incredibly important. There are a few other parts to SEO, but links are a significant portion. For some sites, backlinks are the main contributor of their ranking.  We have gathered a list of strategies that worked for us, as Melbourne SEO services provider for the past few years. Employ few of these strategies to build high-quality backlinks and see how they help your ranking and traffic.


The skyscraper technique.

To do this method, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Find a piece of content that has lots of links pointing to it.
  2. Do some research about it and create a piece of content that provide more valuable and publish it on your website.
  3. Contact those who link to the original piece and ask them if they would rather link to your higher quality piece of content, instead. Some will!

How do you actually do this? — This is pretty straightforward, just look for listicles in your niche.

Write guest articles.

This strategy might confuse you. Why should we post our well written articles on somebody else website? The answer is to put your content in front of a new audience and create backlinks that increases the exposure to your own website. This method also increases your brand awareness and social media following.

The broken-link building method.

This method involves contacting a webmaster to report broken links on their website. Then suggest them to replace it with link to your own website. This method provides win-win solution for both parties. Webmaster fix their broken link and got the chance to add your link.

Look for quality websites in your field, so any added links will be from other experts in your industry, resulting in a high-quality link.

Create an infographic.

This is one of the more popular ways to build backlinks. People loves infographics. They are eye catching and easy to understand.

In order to execute this method properly, first, you have to an appropriate topic in your field, a trending topic will serve you better, gather relevant data, and find someone to make this data visually appealing.

The most important thing, don’t forget to include links to your website in the infographic.

Once the infographic is created, add it to your website and your social media accounts, where it will likely be shared.

Spy on your competitors.

When you spy on your competitors, you’ll get a better idea of what content they’re creating and the backlinks that they’re building. You can then make better content on the same topics and acquire backlinks from many of the same websites that link to your competitor.

Write a testimonial.

This method might be the easiest. Testimonial exchange has proven to give you a backlink. But, be genuine! We suggest you to write about products that you truly love. Make a list of those products you and contact the owner of the website that promotes this product. Offer to make a testimonial for their product and for exchange ask them to link to your website.