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In this article we will have discussion between .NET Core and Node.js. These are two renowned and popular among Melbourne web developer community. Each of the have their own fan base. But in our opinion, both .NET Core and Node.js have their own pros and cons, and each of them get better with every release. Determine which one to use, you need to assess your project needs.

We want to reassure you that both programming platforms offer an awesome range of features that meet performance requirements. Let’s see what development environment is best for your business or project.


Node.js was originally created for Apple’s and Linux operating systems as an alternative to Apache HTTP Server. Node.js is used for backend and frontend development and can be used with any JavaScript compileble language because it is a JavaScript-based language.

Node.js has a lot of modules (code that has been prewritten) that allows you to program faster. You can find millions of modules within Node.js. repository. To easily secure new dependencies you can use an automatic lock-file mechanism.

Node.js is an asynchronous platform, which means its server able to handle multiple requests simultaneously and doesn’t block them. It spawns on different threads to perform other tasks, while the code is executed in the main thread. As the result, even when an app is heavily loaded with data, it still works efficiently.

Node.js has been regarded as a full-stack JavaScript for serving both the client and the server-side applications. The advantage is that you don’t need to hire two engineers (for backend as well as the front-end) development. It preserves budget and time.


.NET Core

While Node.js based on JavaScript, .NET Core is on the other edge, as it is based on C# and is solely used for .NET projects. .NET Core allows developers to use various languages like F# or C++.

Similar to Node.js, .NET libraries incorporate various prewritten code, so that data structures were supported. It also has different libraries for encryption, security, and database access. The class libraries are used to deal with XML, interact with databases, and render graphics.

Differ from Node.js, .NET Core is in more flexible side as it can be both asynchronous and synchronous and has multiple threads. It means that each request is processed one by one within its own thread. But it has its drawback. In the case where there are no free threads left, they must wait for a free one. What’s more, building more threads isn’t an answer, because it requires a lot of memory.

The most important benefit of .NET Core framework is its high performance. With recent updates the code gets much more optimized which improves performance at the very end. Platform agnostic nature of the .NET Core makes it easy to create autonomous, self-sufficient and microservice applications.