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A decade ago, Front end web development term was not as very popular as today. Back then, most developers should work on both ends of websites. But those days are long gone. Front end development has become one of the coolest profiles for a developer to work on now. With the help from modern frameworks, such as React, Vue, and Angular, more focus has been brought to front end development.

That being said, achieving complex designs and intuitive user interfaces that can catch anyone’s attention on the first visit is not an easy task. Developing front-end has its own unique challenges. Front-end developers should keep up with all the upcoming trends in design, UI/UX principles, and at the same time, maintaining their website’s performance.

To help you to face those challenges and increase your productivity, our Melbourne web designers had gathered a list of online tools you can try out. Don’t worry, most of them run purely on the front end!


If you found it difficult to code awesome multi-layered shadow effects for any shapes, we might have the perfect solution for you. is a super cool website that can help you achieve it. All you have to do is set up the properties, like the layer of shadows, alpha, blur, spread, etc, and it instantly generates the CSS code which you can copy-paste for any shape you want.


Gradient might look cool on some website, but not on the others. But it sure takes several trials and errors when you want to implement it. Let us introduce you to Grabient, tools that will remove all those hassles. Simply select your colors, adjust your angles, and you’re good to go with the code for the desired gradient.

CSS Grid-Generator

The CSS-grid is a grid-based layout system that can be archived using just CSS and HTML. Vary from bootstrap or flexbox, CSS Grid is highly customizable because it uses two-dimensional system and it is achievable with much less code.

cssgrid-generator allows you to design your grid with customizable options like rows, columns or even gaps between them and export the code for the grid with the click of a button.

Running into some issues here and there with browser compatibility, responsiveness, etc. is inevitable no matter how well your website was coded. To fix those issues, understandings of the exact specifications of the browser and system is an important.

With all you need to do is open the tool in the exact same browser conditions that the issue was found. It instantly generates a report with all the necessary details and gives you a shareable link to the report.