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COVID-19 has effected a lot of firms and businesses, if you’re one of them, our Melbourne SEO services and online marketing teams have curated several digital marketing tips will help you keep your customers engaged and your sales up.

Because of the social distancing policy, many business activities were halted. Governments are either limiting business hours or enforcing complete lockdowns. As the result, buying power is slowly and steadily dwindling.

But it’s not all bad news.

Flexibility and instant adaptability are the keys to survive this tough time and brands have realised that. More importantly, they need to recognise that there is an opportunity awaiting at every hurdle. This positivity is the backbone that is the striving force of success.

Many businesses already had a robust digital presence even before the outbreak. With the help of correct and proper digital marketing strategies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Below are some great digital marketing tips you can use to survive COVID-19.


Evaluate and adjust current marketing strategies

You need to find new ways to connect with an arguably new set of target audiences. Keep in mind that you are interacting with worried people, facing many uncertainties.

Shift your focus to those people who are bored, stuck at home, and unable to shop elsewhere. Appropriate branding and marketing campaigns can attract and engage these consumers, even if they are not purchasing anything at the moment.


Review keywords

Search terms are influenced by many things, changing market trends and economic conditions are the major elements during current situation. According to Google, search interest for the word ‘coronavirus’ spiked by 260% (no surprise there).

You need to research and survey keywords and ROI from specific search terms. It will give you a good insight into what your customers need from you right now.


Keep posting on social media

It is essential to arm yourself with a foolproof plan on how to thrive during this crisis. Social media is a great place to begin. Because people are stuck indoors, time they spend online increase significantly. So, it is crucial to maintaining a vibrant and regular online presence, especially to inform consumers that your brand is still alive and ready to serve them.

You can start with simple posts such as opening hours and availability of home delivery options. Those posts will help tremendously because your consumers can easily find information about your business quickly.

If you want to step up your game a bit, announcing contributions to the local community or support for frontline fighters is a great way to promote the empathetic appeal of your brand. But make sure you really did contribute, if consumer found out that it is just a scheme your business will face even harder crisis.

Be considerate in your posts, and your content should depict that you are aware of the distress people are facing. For example, you can express your concern and solidarity with the frontline workers through social media.

Not only do these kinds of posts garner online attention, but they also allow businesses to present themselves as a concerned brand that values its customers.


Wrapping up

Use this time of distress to develop a bond with your customers and potential customers. Show that your brand understands and care about them.

By showing that you understand the difficulties people are going through and offering advice on overcoming hurdles, you are actively engaging with consumers. It will open up dozens of avenues for post-COVID business opportunities.