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Java is one of the oldest and most robust programming languages. It takes time to learn and master it. But even if you are a beginner, you can catch up faster by learning some essential tools and frameworks. These tools and frameworks commonly used by Melbourne web designer and developer to help them deliver their products.

  1. Linux
    Linux is the basic and we believe every developer should know, especially Java developers. Because most enterprises today prefer to use Java and Linux/UNIX for their software development. Because of its versatility, robustness and security, many developers prefer Linux over Windows. It is best for creating command-line tools. If you haven’t learned it, now is the right time to learn it.
  2. DevOps
    Many businesses use DevOps and integrate continuously these days. As a Java Developer, you can adapt by learn how Docker works. Docker is an open source platform for automation. It helps simplify application delivery, which can be performed on-site or in cloud servers. This tool can also be used by Java developers to run distributed web applications at virtual machines on computers, cloud systems or data centers.
  3. Jenkins
    Jenkins is an automated server written in Java programming language. This let you automate other software development aspects such as the integration and execution of unit tests, document creation, compilation of project, and so on. It improves the cycle of continuous integration while reducing technical failures.
  4. GIT
    Git is a distributed version control system. Git allows you to work with higher productivity on all your projects. With Git, the changes in source code can easily be monitored during software development. It facilitates nonlinear workflows and allows developers in a team to organize their work
  5. Selenium

Selenium is a software testing tool and is one of the best of its kind. It comes with a playback tool which can be used to author tests without learning or knowing a test scripting language. You can use it to test all your HTML and JSP files. Selenium also has several tools and libraries that you use to automate your web browser. Since software testing is an essential aspect of web development, you must learn Selenium and its various features and functions.

  1. Maven
    Maven is a tool that wildly used by experienced Java developers. Apache Maven is a POM or project object model based project management tool. It can be used to manage all the documentation and reports of a project from a single piece of information. It also helps to manage third-party libraries in Java as well as their dependencies.
  2. Java 12 to 14
    Over the past few years there are many significant Java updates. Java 12 and 13 were the most prominent among them. Each new version comes with new features and enhancements. Always learn and catch up with the latest Java releases and also everything that comes with them. Staying updated as a developer is a must and doing so will give you a better edge in the industry.