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PHP programming language lets you build complex, secure, and faster web applications. And it has a wide range of frameworks you could choose in order to achieve your goal. So, it is important to get a clear understanding of the latest PHP usage trend.

Before we jump to 2020 trends, here some reasons why Melbourne web developers prefer PHP for development?

· PHP is an Open-source language hence it is free to use.

· It gives access to several tools which very useful for creating a website.

· Provide High-end features

· PHP is a high speed and high-performance language

· Serves as a bridge that helps with calculations, communicates with MySQL and even gathers information.

· Extremely adaptable and scalable, making it simple for developers to use PHP for different applications.

So, take a look at some of the trends according to some top PHP development company. It is always good to follow trends to be in the race. Below are several trends to follow in 2020.

Gaining Popularity through ChatBots

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become popular in recent years. Chatbots are the best example. You can build your own chatbots using PHP. We believe Chat PHP tools and frameworks are the best to create chatbots because it is an open-source language. These tools can help you build your website’s best chatbots quickly. So, creating Chatbots through PHP is now the most preferred solution.

Improvement in Cyber Security

As digital data transaction become more and more common, digital security is expected to rise this year. To assure your customer data security, a reliable and secure framework is high in demand. With PHP development tools, you can build cybersecurity solutions that will help to securely store your customer data.

The spike in the number of online shoppers and online shopping markets has helped to increase the amount of daily transactions. Therefore safe landing pages and payment portals need to be created. By using PHP properly, you can assure your customer that their were doing transactions in a safe environment. Halcon works best for the caching and defense. For add the best encryption features for your website, you should go to Codeigniter which is the best working lightweight PHP program.

Integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages with PHP

Creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer a choice but a requirement. This activity would allow websites to increase their pace without losing their website ad revenue. As a part of this open-source project, Google has already launched its version of the accelerated pages from which search results come out faster. This feature helps publishers significantly to boost their viewing and readership on the web.

Cloud Integration for Better services

70% of companies in the world depend upon the cloud. Yes, we agree it is a huge number. Cloud services are growing day by day with most of us now relying on that service to store some of our data. Since 2019, many companies have already started working on this model and even more businesses will start shifting to cloud this year.