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Designing a website never been an easy task. Especially for majority of people that don’t possess design or computer science background. Maybe you are one of them. But you still wish to create a decent website for your business or just for fun. With my experience in Melbourne web design, I could give you a few simple yet effective tips.

Below are some simple website design tips to help make your site beautiful and user friendly.

1. Keep your homepage clean and clutter-free

Your website’s homepage should communicate your core message instantaneously. Most of people only spend few minutes scanning for information on a website. Your visitors will be thankful if you give them what they looking for right away. It’s a great idea to put key information above the fold.

Declutter your homepage from excessive widgets. Apply whitespace, it will help your users to focus their attention. But use it wisely, too much whitespace will make your site look empty and boring.

Put an interesting call to action. A tailored CTA will influence your visitors take an action that you desire. A study reveals that button’s color affects click rate. Experiment with different color so you know which one work best for your site.

2. Create a clear design hierarchy
You know a website was well designed when you can seamlessly find information you need. You’ll know which information are the important ones and which information are the “good to know”. Design hierarchy play a huge role here. And you want to make it consistence throughout your page.

3. Make it easy to navigate

One more way to help your user find what they’re looking for is to provide a convenient navigation. Such as link to homepage, create vertical navigations. And don’t forget to optimize footer. Usually user will scroll down to footer to find your contact information, so put it there. Use people habits for your interest.

4. Simplify your texts

As I mentioned before, most of people don’t read your site, they skim it. It will be awesome to chunk information and make it bitesize. The right typeface also very helpful and make sure you play around your font size and color too.

5. Stay mobile friendly

You never know which device your visitors use to access your page. Put a little more effort to make it mobile friendly and you will boost mobile visitors experience.