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When it comes to business, many people in the business world have become familiar with the importance of having a website for business. However, not many of them care about the sustainability of the website. Having a website is different than taking care of it. When you have a website, you have to understand that determining whether your website is healthy or not is important. Why does it matter, then? Well, your business needs a website because a website helps you increase your chance of being found by your target audience. If your website is not healthy, you will not get that chance. So, how do you check your website’s health? In order to find out if your website is healthy or not, you may need a WordPress health checkup, but you can actually do a quick check on your website by yourself before getting it checked thoroughly. How? Keep reading to find out!

There are ways you can do to check your website’s health:

  • View your website using different types of devices, from desktop to mobile devices, is it accessible?
  • Think like a searcher; how would you like to find a website that can provide what you need?
  • Ask other people (your friends or family) to view your website from their devices and ask for their opinions
  • Stay open-minded and be ready to hear good and bad reports

Aside from checking your website, check your competitor’s website too and find what you like from their website, including these:

  • You competitor’s website has an easier navigation
  • It has interactive buttons
  • It has unique call to actions
  • Their visual (text) content is legible or easily readable
  • The images are nicely shaped and spaced
  • It has white space throughout giving your eyes a rest
  • The website has the right type of font and size of the font
  • Good contrasting colors on the website is catchy but not hurting your eyes
  • It has sliders with buttons or forms on them
  • It has a freebie for something
  • It doesn’t take a long time to load the page on their website

If your competitor has all of those good features on their website while you don’t, maybe you need to start improving your website. In fact, look for these bad ‘symptoms’ your website might have when you are checking on it:

  • Slow loading page (It takes longer than 3 seconds to load)
  • The size is not adjustable to any device
  • It is not responsive
  • It is not mobile friendly
  • It is not SEO friendly
  • The content is not easily readable
  • The text is overlapping with colors
  • The wrong combination of colors used is hurting your visitors’ eyes

If your website has the symptoms mentioned above, you might need to fix your website. For that, you need the right web developers or someone who knows what they are doing with your website. Your website should be mobile friendly and that is your priority. If you find the right person to work with, you can make a few changes to the original website, and instead of rebuilding an entire website right now, create just your main pages. The plus side is when you are ready, you can have the other pages done at a later date. That being said, you should also be very picky when it comes to choosing the right web developer for you. This is your business at stake. Once you find the right one, make sure you are always involved in every process – don’t just entirely rely on your web developer. Consult to them and find the best solutions for your business website.