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We all live in an era where almost everything is digital, and you might see many advertisements everywhere even on your social media. As a person who works to provide Melbourne SEO services, I will never get tired of reminding you and my clients that building a business is not always about selling your products. It is also (and strongly) about connecting your business with your customers and potential customers. If you build a business in the fashion world, you may be familiar with Victoria Beckham – the Queen of Fashion does not only have power in her name itself, but also in the Empire she built. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not telling you to compete with Victoria Beckham. I’m suggesting that you learn from her. The way her brand tells her target audience about her stories through social media and website and her brand’s values is the way she has become more successful in her business. So, why did I say storytelling can work wonders for your fashion business? Find out why in this article.

You don’t always sell your products; you sell your stories

When it comes to user perspective, fashion and cosmetics are the holy grail for most women. Of course, they exist to help women feel good about themselves. While fashion style makes you feel confident, cosmetics can boost that confidence. This makes a perfect way to tell stories and values to your target audience. Just like how the luxury skincare brand SK-II has been investing in digital marketing through the technique of aspirational and empowering storytelling, storytelling in fashion brand can be beneficial both for your business success and brand values. Telling a story about your company and how you first started is how you sell without looking like you are obviously selling.

It is about values and trust

As I have mentioned above, SK-II has been using empowering storytelling for their brand to increase engagement with their target audience and improve brand awareness. So, what does storytelling have something to do with their brand? Empowering storytelling videos do contribute to SK-II’s brand values, such as the commitment to consistently deliver innovative and groundbreaking beauty products, and the importance to invest in your future self. With this in mind, why don’t you tell your story to your target audience? Your story can help you build trust and values for your brand especially if you tell them the story behind your brand. Why? That’s because stories like that can be used as inspirations for others who learn about it.

Fashion brand and storytelling: what kind of story should you tell?

Not everyone is gifted at fashion, but everyone has their own style when it comes to fashion. Style is what differentiate one person from another. However, it is all about confidence in that style – your job is to encourage your target audience to be confident with their style. Depending on your real back-story about how you started your fashion business, you can connect your real story with the ‘pep talk’ you are going to share with your target audience. For example, you share a story about how you used to be a nerd who had no confidence in their style and been bullied for that as well, but then one day you discovered a way to fight your weaknesses and embrace it with your style. Something simple like a back-story like this can help you build trust and even confidence for your target audience.

A business, small or big, exists to solve people’s problems. If you apply this mindset to your business, you will be successful. Your fashion business should be able to boost your buyers’ confidence and mood for their style with your storytelling. If you need to know more about this, feel free to contact us now and let our team help you.