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They say there are 7 other people in the world who look exactly like us. Do you believe that? Well, in some cases, famous people indeed accidentally found their doppelganger somewhere in some country. I haven’t found my doppelganger personally so I am not quite into that belief. However, I do believe web developer and web designer are similar but not the same. My friend from the association of web developers Melbourne once told me about how others think web developer is the same as web designer. The truth is that just like I said previously, web developer and web designer are similar but not the same. So, what makes them different then? Keep reading this article to learn more!

Perhaps before we dive deep into their difference, let’s discuss about how they are similar in some parts of website building. Basically, both help build websites, but they are involved in very different areas. Both have their roles in building website, but their main objective is the same; to build a website. So, who is a web designer? Simply put, a web designer makes your website look good. Then, who is a web developer? A web developer is the one who makes the good looking website alive. Now that you have learned the point of their role in building a website, let’s discuss about their difference:

  • A web designer focuses on the style; a web developer makes it work according to the desired style
  • A web designer’s job is to keep your website visitors hooked by their visual imagination; a web developer, using complex software languages, makes the website run smoothly
  • A web designer creates a design concept; a web developer builds the web designer’s concept

Now let’s see their difference seen from project perspective:

Project The right person for the job
Homepage layout design Web designer
Create a mobile app Web developer
Build a new contact form Web developer
Create a new concept for website branding Web designer
Edit photos and videos Web designer
Fix server or hosting issues Web developer


Now let’s get started with the conclusion.

What makes web designer and web developer similar?

  • Both web designer and web developer require some level of programming knowledge (although a web developer relies on programming much more and a web designer is not required to write a line of code)
  • Both focus on customer interaction or the end user
  • Both focus on building a website together
  • Both focus on building mobile friendly and SEO friendly website

What makes web designer and web developer different?

  • A web designer tends to be more creative and artistic, while a web developer has to be more analytical and logical
  • Just like the name, a web designer designs stuff, while a web developer develops everything to make the design work and function well
  • A web designer deals with the looks of a website. A web developer, on the other hand, deals with the function of a website
  • When it comes to the end user, a web designer looks at how the end user will view the process of navigating the website or web application. On the other hand, a web developer focuses more on how the visitor will be able to get things done

Based on the explanations above, all I can sum up in one sentence is that a web designer’s job is all about the looks of a website, while a web developer’s job is make sure the looks function well for the website. Now that you know the difference between a web designer and a web developer, the final question is; which one do you need the most for your business website? Well, there is only one answer; both. Yes, you read that right. You need both a web designer and a web developer to build your website. Even though some web designers nowadays can do both web design and web development, one does not simply do all the work together at once. Instead, you can hire a different and reliable web developer and web designer for your business website. However, make sure you consider a few things before hiring the right web developer and web designer for your website. If you are still confused, feel free to call us now and let our team help you.