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We all have things that we are passionate about, but only the lucky ones among us get to do those things as a job. My friends who are passionate about English linguistics somehow ended up working as a banker or accounting manager – something that doesn’t describe their true passion, but there is also a friend of mine who loves stuff about beauty treatments and now she is a successful skincare business owner. Almost all of us are so focused on getting a ‘proper’ job that we forgot our passion. A person who loves singing and writing song is usually unsure about getting a career in music and entertainment because well, it is not as simple as getting a regular job; therefore, that person chooses an alternative instead. That being said, another friend of mine is so lucky to be passionate about graphic design and she becomes a Melbourne web designer.

Almost everyone is passionate about being a business owner because having a business doesn’t always have to take up much of their time like a regular job does. However, most of them don’t really have passion about it. They simply establish a business for money purposes. For example, a person who has a healthy catering business doesn’t always mean they are a nutritionist who really understands calories and fats – and doesn’t even care about it. They might consult to a nutritionist, but it’s just like that; a business that is still running without passion. Are you a business owner? Are you passionate about your business? In this article, I’m going to tell you the signs you love what you do and are passionate about it. Keep reading to find out!

You don’t notice the time when you are doing it

Ever been to a job where you constantly looked at the clock, hoping the time went fast but sadly it didn’t? Been there, done that – even until now. The clock may be ticking, but when we are not passionate about something, the work we are doing feels so long to finish and it feels like 5 hours when it’s only 5 minutes. However, if you are passionate about your business, you won’t notice what time it is at the moment until it’s time for bed already. When we enjoy doing something, we don’t see time. When we don’t enjoy it, we can feel the time.

You don’t struggle to be disciplined

When you don’t like something, you find it very hard to do it. For example, a person who doesn’t love their regular job would detest Monday and hate getting up early, saying things like; “Ugh, do I have to go?” without moving from their bed. However, if we are passionate about our work, we don’t need to be told to wake up – we are already working on our projects even at 5 a.m.

You don’t talk about people; you talk about the cool things they are doing

When you are passionate about something and seeing other people doing it too, you don’t talk about them; you talk about the cool stuff they are doing. It inspires you more and you try to learn more from that. Instead of saying; “I heard Mira got her business running smoothly again after almost going bankrupt. It must have been tiring for her,” you would say; “I heard Mira got her business running smoothly again after almost going bankrupt. I would love to know how she did it.”

You enjoy attending meetings

Many business owners sometimes find it tiring and boring if they have to constantly attend meetings. On the other hand, if you are passionate about your business, you find it enjoyable and even exciting when it comes to attending meetings because that’s where you get the chance to aspire and share your ideas as well as make plans for your business.

Being passionate about something doesn’t mean you have to do it for your business. You can still build a business type that is not really ‘your type’. However, your passion can be the biggest factor that determines your business success in the long run. The more you are passionate, the higher it gets to have opportunities to success because you love doing it. When you love doing something, you can’t just not do it, right?