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Businesses nowadays realise how important a website for increasing brand awareness and improving online visibility because with the rise of technology, we all do almost everything online. With the use of website, a business can increase their opportunity to be found by their target audience online. For that reason, many businesses are looking to create their own website to compete with other businesses in the same industry. However, just creating a website for business is not enough. There are certain aspects that help boost a website’s performance, such as web development, web design and SEO. With web design, you create the first impression. With web development, you make the first impression more alive. With SEO, you make everything (including that first impression) run smoothly and improve your brand awareness. I have been working with a friend who is a Melbourne web designer and oftentimes we have special discussion about improving a business through a website and she once said, “A website should be two things; eye catching and clear. Eye catching here means that website should not be boring and the design should make things easier to catch. Being clear means the information provided throughout the website should be simple but also tells the whole thing at the same time.” Nodding my head, I asked her again, “What is the best page that can be a great place to grab audience’s attention?” She answered; “It’s the About Us page.” With this in mind, I have done my research to make good and attractive About Us page and found that these tips are going to make you a killer About Us page. Keep reading to find out!

Keep it simple

Ugh, I know, I know. You might often read the same sentence when it comes to tips like “keep it simple”. I often read that too. That being said, it is true. We don’t need long written explanations about us. After all, the rest of “our identity” is told through our service. The main idea that says about us is simply telling people who we are and our purpose of building our business. Here’s an example for a simple but unique About Us page.

About Us page tips

I took the example above from Refinery29. This company made simple but meaningful About Us page that summed up what the company is about and their purpose as well as their mission. At first glance, the design is too simple, but this is often what prompts customers to make purchase decisions.

Include humour, only when you know what you’re doing

You know the kind of person who tries to tell a joke but always fails miserably? Well, if you are that kind of person, then ignore this point. However, if you are familiar with humour and know how to use it the right way, you might want to use your ‘skill’ for this. Including humour in your About Us section will make you funny but still professional. People usually won’t spend more than 2 minutes on About Us page. However, if you are funny, you will keep them interested. You can take this as an example.

About Us page tips

The example above was taken from Marc Ensign. This branding expert does two things super well on his about page: He takes his work seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. One thing for sure, he knows what he is doing with his humorous nature and professional attitude.

Story-tell your works

If you want another option, you can opt for this example from Sara Dietschy, a professional YouTube content creator. The way she represents her About Us page takes us to her missions and how she does her missions led her to success. She didn’t just write about her works in her About Us page – she story-told her audience. And that’s what makes her About Us page rock.

About Us page tips

At this point, I hope that creating an “About Us” page is not something you dislike because this is where you’re ready to have some fun with it. With a good story to tell, creative copy, humility, and digestible visuals, you’re on your way to an eye-catching user experience. If you are still unsure about how to create your own killer About Us page, do not hesitate to contact us now and let our team help you with that.