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It was such a sunny day, you thought your business was going well – you thought everything was alright. After all, your business seemed to get many subscribers. What a beautiful day, right?! Yes, until one day, you saw some of them unsubscribe. You were like, “What just happened?? What did I do wrong?” Well, when people subscribe to your business website’s email newsletter, these are what they are expecting from you:

  • Useful email containing news, promo / discounts and new programs
  • Notification email containing reminders or news for product restock (availability), last day promo, birthday gifts
  • Unique content that helps them learn new things and is useful for them

However, instead of getting the important stuff I have mentioned above, they got many useless emails that were not only too complicated to read but also got them nothing in the end. So, yes, maybe, just maybe, your emails were the problem. Don’t worry; this article was written by me for a reason – to help you design for your email marketing strategy! Keep reading this article to find out!

Be direct, I mean, just get to the point!

My friends from the web design team often told me that they got clients asking them to create designs for email newsletters but then there was too much content in the text area that made designing it harder than it was supposed to be, not to mention if the content was read from users’ perspective. If I were the viewer, I would totally unsubscribe, really! So, what should you do? Let’s get to the example below.

Here’s the big no no:

The Masked World

To: Annette Marie

Wow, Crushlicious masks are now joining The Masked World!

Hi, girls (and boys who are also using our products)! Remember what we told you last month that we were going to add Crushlicious as one of our family masks? Yes, it’s here now! You are receiving this email because, well, you asked us to notify you about this mask brand, right? Now that you have received this email, you can either read this long-written and endless email newsletter or go straight to our website to buy this new family. Your choice depends on how eager you are to read this email. Bla bla bla, yada yada.

Okay, that’s enough! Before you judge me, no, it doesn’t work like that. Instead of giving meaningless email like that, write this:

The Masked World

To: Annette Marie

New family joining us!

Crushlicious mask is joining our masking family available in 4 different variants ready to glow up your skin; Green Tea, Milk, Honey and Minty mask! Enjoy 15% off only for today!

Visit now!

See what I mean? Now you know which one sounds right, right? Okay, next!

Say less, give more

No one wants to be in a long but meaningless conversation, especially the written one. Most of us will leave the conversation if it doesn’t give us something valuable, but then again, long written messages, no matter how beneficial they are, if it is not legible or if it is too much to read, they are just the same meaningless conversations that will get us nowhere. Instead of saying this:

The Mask Associate

To: Marina Eldricha

Good news!

On this day, 4 years ago, The Mask Associate, or The Masksociate, was established! We are a company that associates with hundreds of mask companies, selling masks from different brands with much more affordable price! Because of this special day, as a part of our special thanks for being our loyal customers, we have a gift for you! To accept this gift, all you need to do is login to our website and play lucky spin. Don’t worry! Everyone gets the gift, as there is not even one ‘better luck next time’ included in the slots because every slot is filled with different kinds of gifts for you! Whether it is a discount voucher or the product itself – it can be yours…only if you claim the gift, TODAY! What are you waiting for?? Claim your gift today by logging in on our website:

I don’t know about you, but if I were Marina, I would immediately skip that gift no matter how tempting it sounded. Well, first of all, you don’t need to tell people about the history of your brand (unless it is HIGHLY related to the topic of your email) because they can read it in your “About Us” page on your website. However, you can write this instead:

The Mask Associate

To: Marina Eldricha

The Masksociate’s Birthday: Here’s a voucher code for you!

As our thanks for being our loyal customer until now, here’s a special code for an extra 35% off on any product only for this special day!

Your special code: XCE32N

Claim now and enjoy!

P.S. You can also use this code on already discounted products so you can get another extra discount! Woohoo!

Compared with the previous email, this one may be straightforward, but every word has its value and your recipients can’t even (and will never) skip every part. Even though the last email is short, the power of encouragement it holds is stronger and to the point. In short, say less, give more.

That’s how you customise and design for your email marketing. Sure you want to get every message relayed to your customers or potential customers, but time is important for them as it is important for us. Put yourself on their shoes every time you are designing or customising your email letters. Make sure your emails don’t take up much of your recipients’ time. Be clear and be fun – that’s the key.