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On June 17, 2019, the Queen of several trades or the legendary Gloria Vanderbilt died at the age of 95. For those of you who don’t know who she was, Gloria Vanderbilt built a career as an artist, fashion designer, actress and socialite. She was celebrated in the fashion world in the 1970s and went on to sell millions of pairs of jeans with her trademark white swan logo. What a successful career, right? Yes, but her success was not what I meant by “learn from her” for this article. Well, it was, a little, but that wasn’t just that. As a person who writes for SEO services, sometimes I find it hard to concentrate and focus on writing because I get easily distracted. The same thing also happened when I was a university lecturer before. I tend to get excited at first, but then get bored later. This kind of tendency makes me realise that I need to do something about this, or more like, I need something to motivate me. There are several public figures that can be the examples of motivation and I found Gloria Vanderbilt as one of the strongest ones. Like I said, it was not only her success that motivated me, but it was her personality and her views in life. She was charming and enchanting but she was no pushover. She was bold and “gritty”, that was why she was successful. Do you have your own business? Be like the Legendary Gloria Vanderbilt. How? Learn from her in this article.

Money is earned, not received

Vanderbilt had an estimated net worth of $200 million. However, despite her massive fortune, her son, Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor won’t inherit her wealth. That being said, eventually the CNN anchor will receive less than $1.5 million, which was more than what Cooper was expecting to receive. He said that his mother made it clear that “there is no inheritance.” Apparently, Vanderbilt regarded inheritance money as an “initiative sucker” and a “curse”. She believed that money is earned through hard work, not just received by doing nothing.

Be bold and “gritty”

Life as an entrepreneur is rarely the easiest path, and staying determined usually means that you need to enjoy whatever challenges your life and business throws at you. This is the same as me being a writer. Sometimes I might wonder if my readers like my articles or not and this somehow makes me take too much time to write because I have become too perfectionist and have to think harder to produce good content. The truth is; it doesn’t work that way. Good and high quality content exists because the creator is bold and gritty. Being bold and gritty allows you to express your ideas without limiting its potential while filtering what’s more essential for business. Vanderbilt was known for her bold and gritty attitude that made many people admire her and be inspired by her business.

Be optimistic

Optimism sometimes doesn’t happen right away. Some people are not born an optimistic person. Some have optimism as their good trait. Optimism enables you to believe that you can achieve your goals. However, Vanderbilt, although was born an optimistic person, was most tested after her son Carter committed suicide in July 1988. This tragedy had left her shook up – almost to the core of her being. Eventually, she also addressed this tragedy with her trademark optimism and encouraged people to talk about Carter in order to remember the good times. From this event, she inspired me to keep going despite how tough the road to success is and no matter how many obstacles I have to face, I have to keep going too and do what I can do.

Now you understand why the late Gloria Vanderbilt inspired many people especially in the business world, right? Why? That’s because the quality of this kind of mindset and characteristic is the trait that business owners should have. If you are now inspired by Vanderbilt too and would like to be ready for your business but don’t know what to do or where to start, do not hesitate to contact us now and let our team help you grow your business.