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Humans are born social. No human can live without community. As a human, we have also evolved with tools and now we can’t live without them. That being said, living a social life has its own etiquette even if you are living with your family. This also applies to business world. There is always etiquette between both business to business and business to customers. Communicating with your customers is not about gaining profits from them, but it is about helping them find what they need. As a person who provides SEO services for business owners, I always communicate with my clients through emails or Skype. Just like us, clients and customers have different kinds of personalities and different kinds of situations as well. Sometimes we might communicate with someone at the wrong time and that can cause misunderstandings and this is bad for business. Therefore, etiquette is important when we are dealing with people especially when it comes to communication. So, how do we maintain good relationship with clients or customers through communication? If you are a business owner, maybe you should learn this texting etiquette to help you communicate better with your business audience. Keep reading to find out!

Learn more about your audience

Your text message or chat is the reflection of yourself. Simply put, it is what represents your business. The way it will be perceived depends on how you communicate with your customers. Therefore, before customising your text message or chat, make sure you know the recipient and you know it is the right time to send them a message. Sometimes your customers are having a hard time dealing with their own situations, so the best way you can do this is by doing some research on your customers and understand them better. Avoid using automated messages as it is considered as rude and insensitive if done many times.

Communicate clearly

I have seen many promotional messages offering products without giving clear details about those products. When you are sending messages to your customers, make sure you state clearly about your products and what your customers will benefit from buying the products. Make sure your message is clear and remember to re-read and review your messages before hitting the “send” button.

Respond as soon as possible

I know you may be busy with your projects, but your customers need your response. Make the effort to respond as soon as you can, unless you are really unavailable. If, for certain important reasons, you cannot respond to your customers quickly, offer an apology for the late reply as soon as you are able to get in touch with them.

Be mindful when it comes to using symbols and emojis

Smiley faces have their own meanings and roles when sending a text and that is why this feature was added to texting. That being said, you have to be mindful when it comes to using symbols and emojis. You should know when it is appropriate to use emojis. It also depends on the recipients. If you are communicating with a person who has a higher business level, try to refrain yourself from using emojis, as it will be inappropriate.

Know when to end the conversation

Ever been texted by someone and it turned into an endless conversation going nowhere? If yes, you must have been annoyed, right? I’m sure they would be too if they were you. That is why you should know when to end the conversation. If you have provided enough information for the recipient, end it by saying thank you and how you are looking forward to the next chance to chat again.

When it comes to texting with your customers, do not focus on “what you will get from that conversation”, focus on providing what your customers need and answering their complaints and their inquiries, hoping that you can solve their problems. When you keep this in mind, your profits will follow soon.