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Design may be something relative. Some say it is beautiful, some say it is nothing special. However, creating an image for a brand is something solid. When you are designing a brand, you are designing a face – something that can be recognised. Having a business is not only about gaining customers to buy your products, but it is also about making them stay loyal to your business products. One of the best ways to do that is by having consistent brand image and design. Design in the business world is various. You have to design your product uses, product packaging, business stationery, business cards, brand colours and even web design. However, while every aspect is important for business, website design is one of the most important parts in building a business. Say, you have a start-up business with no business connections, no big name and no one knows your business even though you know very well that many people might need the products you offer. So, why is this happening? Is there something wrong with your brand? No, there is nothing wrong with your brand. The only thing that is wrong is; your target audience doesn’t know about your business and your products. In a world where almost everything is digital, having a strong online presence is a must because the internet is most likely the place where your target audience can find you. For that reason, having a website for business is essential. However, a website is nothing without design. What makes it more amazing is that you can actually build your brand through web design. How? Keep reading to find out!

Choose the right colour

Believe it or not, when you open a business, colour is your business identity. It is the one that describes your business personality and also helps people recognise your brand through evoking their emotions and their subconscious. Let me make the explanation simple; what comes into your mind when you see the colour blue? You might think of the sea, the ocean, water or something that calms your mind the moment you see it. For that reason, seafood restaurants, LED clubs, amusement parks, etc. use blue as the main colour that identify their brand. Black, however, is a serious colour. It represents luxury, ambition and elegance with a purpose. For that reason, many high end brands use black as their main design colour.

Use personality approach

People in the business world often make mistakes in creating content or logo by focusing on the brand only instead of the people they are targeting. The truth is; people like brands that have human-like attributions because it helps them identify with it. For example, you have a long-time friend that has never met you again after so long, but when you both finally meet again; you just know and recognise your friend even though you haven’t met them again for years. Just like how we see Facebook logo, right? Even though there is no “FACEBOOK” written in it, you can instantly recognise Facebook just by seeing its logo. If you use human-like familiarity by focusing on personality approach, people can easily spot your brand.

Evoke your audience’s emotion

Have you ever seen Linkin Park’s logo? The logo for Linkin Park has had quite some revisions since they formed as Xero. The current one has been in the basic form since 2007 album Minutes to Midnight, but the most touching one and the one that breaks the hearts of every LP fan across the world is the one after Chester’s untimely passing where the band dropped one segment of the six in Chester’s memory. However, despite it broke the fans’ heart (especially the news); it successfully touched their heart at the same time.

Eventually, when you are designing for your audience, there are several parts of them that you need to consider before even making a design for them. First, know the fact that humans are born with emotion, make use of it and evoke their emotion through your design. Second, first impression is one of the most important aspects when humans see something for the first time. Create design that gives a boost for first impression.