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The business world keeps developing and improving as time goes by, especially in the food and beverage industry. You might often see some food become the hype in this year, something like that viral grilled cheese. When it comes to business, it is either you create a brand new product or innovate the old ones into something unique and new. In my country, there is this traditional dish that is basically made of flour with palm sugar sauce. People in the modern time like today somewhat find it hard to eat the dish because some people today won’t like the taste. For that reason, many business owners try to reinvent a new dish based on the traditional food. In this case, many businesses started to re-create the dish I have mentioned to you above and changed the traditional palm sugar sauce into chocolate, strawberry or even vanilla sauce. This, of course, has become viral food hype around the food industry that surprisingly gained so much attention from food bloggers or many food enthusiasts. When I think about this, I can’t help thinking about you as well. As a person who works at a company that provides web design, web development, SEO services and other services related to business, I have watched how business has grown into something new and unique not by creating a fresh product, but by re-creating and re-focusing their brand on a single product and turned it into something newer and fresher. Why? What could you possibly gain by doing that? Keep reading to find out!

One small product, bigger message

I know a small business that has been running for 2 years but has good reputation for its one and only product – an Ayurvedic facial mask. The owner doesn’t sell anything else aside from that homemade Ayurvedic mask, but you know what? She always runs out of stocks because so many people buy it and apparently they keep coming back to buy it again. So, what’s so special about this product? Why doesn’t the owner make a new product so she can grow more? Well, after spending some time researching on the business owner mindset, I found this interesting fact about this mask company owner. Gaining over 70,000 followers on Instagram in just 2 years as well as over 10,000 followers on her personal Instagram account in just 2 months (ever since she’s opened up about her personal account), in both business and personal account, she explained to her followers that when it comes to product making, she does not take it lightly. It took her 2 years of perfecting her product and testing its quality until it was ready to be released. However, that is not the only interesting part that I have learned from this company. It is the fact that the product keeps being upgraded in quality every 4 months. Not only that, they also made a change in product packaging, upgraded the quality and made it even better. The product itself is made of natural ingredients that solve any skin problem in one go – one product for many skin problems. Also, the owner is very well-resourced when it comes to skincare and she is willing to share her opinions and advice on skincare – and that’s her biggest selling point. For that reason, even though she only has one product, her business keeps growing and running smoothly. From this real life example, you know that you can simply tell a big message from even one small product – quality over quantity. I’m not saying you should only sell one product. What I’m telling you is that you focus on your own authentic product. You can create another product for your brand, but focusing on its quality improvement first before making another product is what makes your brand more reliable, valuable and qualified more than even big brands out there.

One product, more specific targets and marketing efforts

When you have more than one product in your business, your targeting and marketing efforts will be different and your focus will also be ‘scattered’ everywhere with nowhere to go. This is actually a simple and natural problem if you have a big company. However, if you are still starting out, this can be a big problem for you. That being said, if you refocus your attention on your one main product and decide to go big on that product, your targeting and marketing efforts will become clearer if not easier. You will have a clearer picture of who your real targets are and what strategy is likely to be fruitful. You can also expand your knowledge on your product in a more meaningful way because you only focus on that one product.

Having a business is not about how long you have been in the business, but it is more about how well you have known your product and what you can do to improve your business. It may not be easy to start small, but if you are determined to undergo the process and be patient about it, your business will grow gradually.