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Many business owners think that they need an image to represent their businesses. Most of them hire social media influencers or celebrities to represent their business. However, there is one thing that they tend to forget; the fact that they are their own business image. Yes, maybe you are one of them who are busy trying to find the perfect celebrities or influencers to endorse your products. Well, I have specially written this article to change your way of thinking about your role in your business. We all have our own role in our business and work life, just like my role in writing articles for the sake of providing our SEO services to our client. With that being said, what’s your role in your business? Keep reading to find out!

With the rise of technology and business development in this world, those who are working in the business marketing field and even business owners, are faced with more challenges when it comes to protecting the company’s future. For that reason, many steps are necessary to take and one of them involves a public figure to help increase brand awareness and online visibility. However, that fact also makes business owners forget that they are actually their own face for their business. After all, we can agree that first impression in promoting a business is the most important part of any marketing strategy. We can’t help but try hard to find the right person to represent our business. However, while someone who has that kind of wide-ranged influence on many people is likely to be useful for marketing strategy, you are someone who holds more power to build your business.

Let me give you my best real-life example that may change your way of thinking about this matter. I have been greatly influenced by someone on social media for the past few months in this year. However, would you believe me if I told you that this person is not even a celebrity or a famous social media influencer? Yes, she is not. She is a business owner, whose business happens to be a small skincare company focused on local and natural Ayurvedic facial masks. I saw two social media influencers and a famous celebrity promoting her Ayurvedic facial mask company. I think it’s natural for business to hire public figures to promote the business; however, I found surprising truths behind the endorsement. One, this business owner only hires a professional social influencer who won’t ask again what they should say in the endorsement. Two, the famous celebrity is actually her first loyal and returning customer. On top of that, the celebrity did the video purely based on her opinion and enthusiasm for the product’s review.

Well, how did that happen? Why would a famous celebrity whose Instagram followers have reached millions of people promote and review a product for free? Setting the quality aside let me tell you a little bit about this Ayurvedic facial mask company owner. The owner has a very strong sense of conducting a PAK (Pleasant-Attractive-Knowledgeable) approach in her marketing strategy. She will not get tired of making her own Skincare 101 and has no problem writing long explanations in her business Instagram stories. In fact, she lives for it. One thing for sure, she shared her experience when she used to be that innocent girl choosing bad skincare products without having knowledge about it. She also shared why she started the business and the story of her bleeding every time she smiled because of how dry and flaky her skin was. She shared her painful story about the years she took and the money she spent for her journey to heal her skin and return it back to normal – a story that could never be told by just anyone, only by the business owner herself. The famous celebrity actually read the story and became curious about how great the business product was and was touched to finally buy the masks. Since the buzz from the famous celebrity, the number of her business Instagram followers has increased and now it has almost reached 100k followers in just a year. It didn’t stop there. The business owner’s constant explanations and attention on the do’s and don’ts in skincare have helped many of her followers both on her business account and her personal social media account gain new knowledge and facts about skin. She also warns people not to use her masks more than 4 times a week and tells them why, scientifically. She is also humble when it comes to giveaways and never gets tired of explaining her opinions on skincare to her customers and followers.

From that story, I can conclude this; being promoted by a famous celebrity for free is one thing, but the real deal here is the owner. She might not realise this, but she is actually the face of her business – the one people look up to, since she always starts QnA sessions with her customers. Her presentation and full involvement in her business make her get closer to her customers and understand them deeply. Yes, you are your own business model and you represent your business more than anyone you have hired to increase your business brand awareness and online visibility. Be humble and resourceful. Your potential customers need you to make them convinced that it is okay to trust you and your products and that they would never regret buying from your company.