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Website is one of the most important factors in growing a business. Say, you have a business. The problem is; only your parents and sister know about this and they are probably your first buyers or maybe the only ones who buy from you. A few days later, you call two of your close friends and tell them about your business. If you are lucky, they will buy what you are selling and maybe even tell their friends. That’s, if you are lucky. However, in this real life, nothing is that simple. While your parents and siblings might buy your products as a way to encourage you, your friends might not do the same thing. If they don’t need your products, what’s the point, right? However, you can make other people buy from you – those who really need your products or services and of course, the people who buy from you because they simply need it, not because they are trying to encourage your business. How? Yes, a website is one of the most important aspects for a business. When you have a website, your target is no longer those friends or family of yours, but other people who really need to buy what you are selling – those who are constantly searching for what your business offers. When people are looking for a business that sells the product they need, they will type certain set of keywords on search engine like Google, and if your website is doing well, Google might show your website as the top result, which can be helpful for attracting more visitors to your website, and if things go well, you might even turn those visitors into your real paying customers. Wow! That’s how important a website for your business! But, wait! Is having a website enough? No. A friend of mine asked me how much it costs for a website. When I told her the amount of money she had to spend for a website, she was like, “What? That’s so expensive. My friend offered me much cheaper price.” And I, without wanting to argue with her, chose to say, “Okay.”

Instead of arguing with her, I will share with you why ‘just building’ a website is not enough in this article. Yes, there are several aspects like web development and web design process that are important for a website to run smoothly. I’m going to tell you the key tips to small business website in this article. Keep reading to find out!

Focus on page speed

When it comes to website, page speed is the most essential part of a website because it determines if your customers will stay longer on your website or not. More importantly, Google uses page speed as an important ranking signal. If you want your website visitors to have the best user experience during their visit to your website, your small business website must load in 3 seconds or less.

Prioritise mobile-friendly design

It is no doubt that in this digital world, everything you often see is mobile phone. People are using mobile phone everywhere to browse the internet and even shop online. However, websites are different if opened through desktop and through mobile device. For that reason, the size should be adjusted to any device especially mobile device so that the website is mobile friendly. This will make your website easily accessible anytime, anywhere and any device.

Always make the website up to date

I saw so many websites look so abandoned with old content even though the business on that website is still running as usual. That made me wonder if that business was still reliable or not. If you have a website for your business, keep in mind that your website should always be updated seasonally. Update old information and always make sure your website is alive because not only does the old information make your new website appear outdated; it makes your entire business appear to be out of touch.

The key tips to a small business website success are actually how to make your website up to date, adjusted to any device and fast in loading speed. Without the three, the website is not going to work well and people won’t bother taking their time to visit your website. Also, content making is important to boost the quality of the website and improve people’s interest in your website.