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People change. Whether it is for the better way or worse, we all are bound to change – us or the situation around us. I used to have this close friend during high school. She was known as the most beautiful and brilliant person in the class. She got ranked 1st in class and she was very diligent. Aside from that, she has a very good looking face feature, not to mention very kind to others. Talk about perfection! Well, that’s it until a few years later, after I graduated from university and started a new job, I met her again for the first time in forever. I heard she went to a very prestigious university in my country, but at that time, she hadn’t graduated yet. What surprised me was how different her attitude was from back then. She used to be heart-warming and caring and yet, when we met again, she became a totally different person. She was more selfish, didn’t accept criticism or advice and basically asking for a fight everywhere she went. I was like, “Holy mother of God, who is she?! I didn’t even recognise her attitude anymore!” It turned out, she was pressured too much to do her best for her grade in her university or else she wouldn’t get another scholarship. Her depression took a half of her kind and warm spirit from her and totally changed her. The person who once had so many friends has now become everybody’s laughing material and enemy.

When everything changes in this world, sometimes the best thing we can do is do better so we change for the better. In this era, many businesses use digital marketing efforts to increase sales. That story of mine can be a real example of the impact that the change will bring. As someone who works at a digital company that provides SEO services as well as other services to grow other businesses, I know for sure the importance of digital marketing for business and I know the difference between the businesses that use digital marketing and those that don’t. In this modern day and life where almost everything is digital, businesses need to grow and keep up with this to make sure the business is on the right path. So, what are the ways that digital can change business forever? Keep reading to find out!

Instant communication

Back then when it was only a paper for advertisement, reaching to the target audience is so much harder. Many businesses relied on word of mouth marketing but it was almost ineffective because not everyone in the business’ target audience could receive it. However, with today’s advancement in technology in this digital era, it is easier for a business to reach their target audience more directly with the use of a website or social media to interact with people in a public venue, providing a channel to promote products and services more effectively.

High quality content

As time goes by, many features are added to increase the quality in content making. Also, content nowadays is more personalised and customer focused by observing the target audience and creating content that can grab their attention and encourage them to engage. BuzzFeed is one of the websites that use highly interactive content that can grab visitors’ attention with interactive quiz and interesting stuff. This is something that you could never find in the past.

More personal approach in marketing

With the improvement of technology, businesses can learn an enormous amount about potential customers based on data they can gather. Companies are using this data to create extremely personal marketing messages to attract more target audience. People will likely buy a product based on more personalised messages that are supported by social.

Basically, there are many things we can do in this digital era because digital stuff is made to make our life easier. Businesses are now given many options to create interesting and meaningful content to attract more customers and turn them into real paying customers. For that reason, if you have your own business, try to keep up with the trends and technology. Make use of technology and trends to personalise better content and offers for your target audience and even your current customers. That way, it will lead you closer to them.