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When it comes to building a successful business and improving it, certain measurements need to be taken. One of them is collaborating with another agency to help you improve your business. In a world where almost everything is digital, businesses need to take action in the digital marketing world – hiring a web development agency. Why? That’s because in order to increase your business online visibility and brand awareness, a website is compulsory for that. However, there are challenges between web developers and business owners when it comes to communication. Fortunately, this is something that can be fixed. How? Keep reading to find out!

Challenge #1: Way over the top website vision

Clients may have a different kind of vision about what they would like in a website. Let me give you a real-life example. As a person who works at a creative agency, I am required to always provide something creative, not just for articles but also for websites. Even though I am not a web designer let alone web developer, in some cases, I can be tasked with design imagination to help web designers get insights on what the design should look like. One day, I was given a task to help give a depiction of a good website look for a corporate but fun company at the same time based on my imagination for the web designers in my office. It turned out, while the web designers said they could achieve that look, the web developer team said the opposite. One of the web developers said, “We can move that object just the way you want it, but if we do that, it may take months to finish this website, and our boss doesn’t want to wait that long.”

That day I requested that the website had a moving object which I drew on a paper. I thought it was simple and easy, but when we saw it in the web developers’ perspective, it was really difficult. I stood there listening to his explanation about why it was going to be difficult to start with the animation that we needed more stuff. This got me thinking, “Oh it is not as simple as I thought it was.” Well, if you are a business owner hiring a web developer to build your website, know that I’m not telling you to cut them some slack. Just give them your website vision and communicate with them if the vision you give them can be achieved or not.

Challenge #2: The deadly deadline

Sometimes clients give deadlines that are not too cooperative for some web developers and those web developers might be too reluctant to talk about this to their clients, resulting in them working recklessly fast and ignoring mistakes. And I’m telling you, this can be bad for the business, both your business and their business in the agency. As a business owner, it is important to initiate a conversation about deadlines with your web developers. Ask them if they can finish the deadline you are giving them on time and ask if they need to negotiate about it. Reassure them that it is fine to negotiate and that you are not going to think negatively about them just because of that. Rather, it is professional for them to know what they are capable of so that you can anticipate and prepare for what is needed during your website development.

Challenge #3: Business owners’ knowledge on web development

Sometimes this can be a big problem if not communicated well. It is essential to provide a little bit of knowledge about web development to clients not because clients are going to work on it too, but because they need to know about it so that they can understand why you are doing the procedures according to your company. That doesn’t mean you have to explain all the details about web development. Simply let them know the first thing about web development.

That’s how you communicate with the web developer agency you are hiring for your business. Remember that we all have our own roles in our work. Make sure we understand and help each other so that the result will be better and better. Haven’t hired a web developer yet? Feel free to contact us now and let our web developer team help you with your business website.